A small startup

So am Aratrika…. Its just a pen name I chose this afternoon. Why? One may ask me. I like to function under a different name most of the times. Not that I hate my current persona or my name. In fact I love my actual name because I was named after a fictional character who is so courageous and beautiful. She is not exactly my role model, but she inspires me a lot.
Anyways back to the point of starting a new blog!
I am not a very good blogger. But I guess I wanted a space to post my stories and show it to people instead of sending the files to each and every person I meet. By ‘my stories’ I meant the stories I write and not my darn life.
Of course the short stories I write are inspired by some real life situation or some person I come across. If a person says that they don’t like this idea of mine, well you can gladly go to hell!
A writer needs inspiration. And I get my inspiration from my day-to-day life, the people I meet and let me tell you, I meet a lot of people and not everyone inspires me to write something.

Now back to the initial topic! I am very good at getting dragged away from the topic. The purpose of this blog… Right!
Here I will be posting the stories I had written in the past 3 years. But I will also share what inspired me to write such a passage. I know it is not something that would instantly attract your interest or make you eager to read. But it is worth a try.

Every story written has a sub story to be told. Each line, each word needs a strong force to encourage any one to write.
This blog will cover such sub stories that are never told by anyone, but has to be shared actually!



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