I won't say it's a story. It's just a passage I wrote a few years back. This one was one of my first attempts to write something short and brief. I will continue once you read the piece...For anyone who is laughing all the time, you can conclude that they have something sad in their … Continue reading Clouds…



A friend of mine read this story and the first thing she asked was 'You saw that chic flick last night, didn't you?'  Well this story was inspired by a movie but not the one she was talking about. I honestly don't remember the name of that stupid movie but its the usual chic flick … Continue reading Relationships

A Portrait

I think I will follow my previous pattern of writing the story first and then write about the story. So here we go!“Um Excuse me...” She looked up at the strange male voice that disturbed her leisure time. She was met with an almost puppy dog face sported by a handsome young man. She couldn’t … Continue reading A Portrait