I won’t say it’s a story. It’s just a passage I wrote a few years back. This one was one of my first attempts to write something short and brief. I will continue once you read the piece…
For anyone who is laughing all the time, you can conclude that they have something sad in their heart and they are just laughing to cover up the hurt. Well there are those few who are laughing because they are truly happy. But this category has very scarce people and they often go into the 1st category after a while.
But has anyone thought about what is the only difference between them? Everyone will say that the first ones are sad and the others are happy. That is not the answer though. The simple answer is when people are truly happy they have someone to share it with. But when that someone leaves them for one reason or the other, even the greatest happiness will seem too sad.
It certainly cannot be concluded that loneliness is the reason for happiness or gloomy feelings. There are other reasons as well. When someone is happy just ask them if they have anything that will make them sad and they will say yes with a smile. You know why? Because at that moment that smile is on their face for a big reason which is dominating. You go to the same person the next day; they might breakdown even talking about their problems. The happy moment has passed out and now they realise that they have to face those problems again.
The entire blue of the sky is full of our negative thoughts and feelings. Those big white clouds are the ones that are made up of all the positive feelings that will make a person smile, laugh, enjoy. As long as we are in the cloud we smile and as soon as the clouds go past us, we are left behind those feelings which make us feel void.
Some people see this fact in the exact opposite way. Well perspective changes and so do people. Sometimes we think that happiness has left us and is not going to come back. For those ones, please remember that clouds do come back. They may not be in the same shape and size as you had once seen them to be, but you will surely come across another one which is different in all aspects.
Its too short. I know. That was the first ever comment I got when I shared it to a writer friend. But he said he like the idea. My sibling on the other said that I am filled with the negative emotions and that is why I see the sky as the negativity. He was correct in a way. But then I still go with the same words. Everyone have negative stuff as the base. But there are always clouds, smaller or bigger which are the happy moments of our lives. Its our wish and will to whether notice those clouds or not. 
This article is dedicated to a very special friend whom I met recently but just had this connection with. Thank you so much for being my cloud!!!! 

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