What gave ‘An Evening’

One of the first comments after I posted that story was "Who is that guy?"I had to Laugh out Loud for real! If I had found such a guy, I won't writing stories like this. So what made me write this particular piece? Well, I was home alone one evening. My parents will be coming back … Continue reading What gave ‘An Evening’


Truth or Dare – Behind scenes

There was this nagging feeling that just wouldn't go away no matter what. Whenever I posted a story, I would put up a small passage explaining how I came up with it. But then this blog is to narrate that part in detail right?I almost smacked myself coming to that realization. Not only did I … Continue reading Truth or Dare – Behind scenes

Happy Tears…

"Papa! Why is uncle crying?" Five year old Amanda tugged at her father's leg. Lifting her up, her father smiled and replied "He is crying because he is happy!" looking at the elderly man sending off his newlywed daughter with her husband. "People cry when they are happy?" The naive little girl asked. With a slight chuckle he … Continue reading Happy Tears…