Truth or Dare – Behind scenes

There was this nagging feeling that just wouldn’t go away no matter what. Whenever I posted a story, I would put up a small passage explaining how I came up with it. But then this blog is to narrate that part in detail right?

I almost smacked myself coming to that realization. Not only did I start this blog to share my stories, but also share the stories that were behind every story I wrote. 
So I decided to rewrite that part alone for every story I have posted so far. It might be a little confusing, but then I gotta do what I have to do right. That is the sole purpose of this “Never Narrated Stories” Blog!
Coming back to the story of “Truth or Dare” this was the story that made me come up with the idea for this blog. 
By the time I had met a lot of new people and whenever I told them that my hobby is to write stories, every single person wanted to read it! Apparently I was too lazy to send everyone a mail…
So I thought of starting a blog! 
Okay, I am just rambling…
After a long time I was actually volunteering to help a few people with the work for the upcoming intra college culturals.
It was so much fun working with people who are younger than you and they all come to you for help and advice. 
There was this particular duo that i was very much attracted to. They both happen to be best buddies and always wanted me in their group conversations because they must felt my awkwardness. I did feel awkward! 
One of them was a nerdy guy! Really sweet person, and has this innocent look on his face. 
But man, he proves the proverb ‘Appearances are deceptive’
For some reason he felt that he could open up to me. I was a total stranger at that point. But he still did open up to me. I felt happy and inspired at the same time. 
He said he wanted to read my work and asked me to mail it to him. So the same night I came home and started working on his story and the blog. I never told him that I was going to put it up here. 
But even now he would get a little shy when I start the topic about my blog and people liking his story!
Thanks to this story, I gained not one but three little brothers….
If you want to read the story, then click on the link below!

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