What gave ‘An Evening’

One of the first comments after I posted that story was “Who is that guy?”
I had to Laugh out Loud for real! If I had found such a guy, I won’t writing stories like this. 

So what made me write this particular piece? Well, I was home alone one evening. My parents will be coming back at night and I had no work to be done. So I took my mp3 player and my apartment keys. 
You see, my apartment complex had this small park like setup with a couple of benches, swings and sort.
As I went there and sat down I saw a few kids playing on those swings and the merry-go-round. 

The benches were not really comfortable to sit. So I looked around and located those square shaped constructions. 
I had no idea what they were for. But it was pretty comforting to sit there. 
As I let my thoughts wander, I started framing up this story in my mind. I wanted badly to use the park in my story. 

And also I want to make one thing clear! I am not that girl in the story! I have one awesome family and a super awesome life! I include sad stuff in one’s life…
That is because, if youngsters were content with their family and life, they would never fall in love with a stranger for no reason. They already have all the love they can get. So it is a bit logical…
A person who yearns for love falls in love easily! 😀

Correct me if I am wrong though. This is just my idea about love. 

If you ever come across a guy like “Venkat” , just don’t let him go girls!!!!!

So read the corresponding story in the below link
An Evening



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