The Funny Story About Bus Ride

I know that I am kind of digging my own grave my writing this post, much rather writing this blog. Not exactly the whole blog! Some people do like my stories. Its apparently these rantings that many people are not interested in. It does make my blog looks like a personal diary!
But honestly people! It is my blog and I wish to write what ever comes to my mind.. 😛 (I am smirking now)

Before you read this post, do read the stories. Because it won’t make sense if you read this first and then read the post. It is a full time spoiler! 

Bus ride- Part 1
Bus Ride- Part 2

So I think this post will be rather interesting because many did ask me what exactly happened between me and that guy. 
I swear to god I just happened to see this man and he was in fact checking out a girl.
But I am not sure if it was me or the good looking lady sitting behind me. 

Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was actually checking out a girl or just staring into space. Because given that he works in the IT industry, I recently came to know that guys tend to do that a lot. They hardly do any thinking and these kind of transportation is the only place where they talk over phone to their parents, or think about how they are going to spend the following weekend. 

So back to my story… Well I just happened to board a pretty crowded bus and got to sit down after a while of standing beside a good looking guy. Well not good looking, he was decent looking. 

I gotta say that the Tamil cinema had a bad influence on me, and my mind started wondering how miraculous it would be if this was a cinema and this guy was the hero and were to fall in love with me. (Which is highly impossible given that I hardly looked at his face and probably he never even noticed me) But then I thought! 
You all know how one’s hormones can work right!!! 😀

So I quickly wound up a story in my mind but I left it at that. I wrote it down almost after 6 months by which time I had forgotten how he had looked. (sobs) 

Also I was wondering how a guy’s mind would work when his hormones work! So I worked out two perspectives and hope I got it right! No offense guys!

But I am happy that many personally commented that they enjoyed the bus ride. So I could assume that it has happened to a lot of people! 😉
I don’t know if this was any funny to you people, but when I think about it, it does make me laugh a little. Remember, little, not lot!



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