Good Bye!
This word is my favourite word in the world. Because when people say good bye, they mean it. If they don’t mean it, they never say it.
Some say that this word ends it all. But I say that this is the word that happens to be the beginning for an awful lot of things. That too a lot of awesome things that will make you smile no matter what.
This blog post is not a story. To be truthful, I don’t even know how to make up a story around this single word because it’s too darn beautiful to make it fit into a small story! I could write even a 100 pages on it… (Well that is a bit of an exaggeration. But hey, this is my post and I get to write whatever I feel like)
One major reason I like this word so much is because it always helps us make friends. Now some people may think how that makes sense. You say a proper goodbye to your ex-lover; he/she would actually be your friend after that. A proper farewell will always strengthen the bond between individuals.
It is after a goodbye, my best friend actually started talking to me. It is after a goodbye, your teachers will no more be your teachers but your friends. It is after this very same goodbye, that you will gain a new friend who would always be there for you.
It was the last day of college and I saw a lot of people hugging each other, some even crying. Never be sad at a farewell!
I know that you feel sad because you are going to miss the other person or the fun you had at this place. But it is at this point where you should think of the future. Because farewells are always transition points, that will lead you to another new world or a new perspective.
I am glad that I managed to bid farewell to most of the people I came across during college and because of that I managed to get more friends than I had when I was in college!
I would like to dedicate this post to every single person I have met during these past 4 years! All of you taught me something in life and helped me become the person I am today…
I might have not spent years or months together with you, hell I might not even have spent an entire day with you, but please know that you will always be remembered by me! 
I am going to miss those persons I met and regretted for not meeting any time soon!
I didn’t cry while writing this. In fact, I was smiling the whole time!
Ja Mate Ne! (Until Next Time) 

One thought on “Sayonara!

  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome Article! You have Grown a lot! Words reflects yor maturity and the way you take it to Life. When I was in my college days I always imagined myself working in a very hectic atmosphere, running around here and there for getting things done. I did not particularly wish for it, but somehow i managed. I am missing the same now! Thanks for giving the feel back to me!

    And Happy Being the 1000th Viewer of Your Blog! Thanks a lot!


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