Her brain told her that it was not a good idea to stand where she was standing and do what she was about to do. But she had turned a deaf ear to it! All that she wanted to do is cherish the moment. This might even be her last moment!!!
Valerie inhaled, loving the smell of the soil. Her eyes closed in the process, she raised her arms with her palm facing the now dark sky. People gave her a weird look as she was standing on the pavement of a busy road. But she could care less. 
It was raining! 
Not the total down pour that would make you stay indoors. But the pleasant drizzles that would make you come out. Valerie never understood why people ran away as soon as it started drizzling. Just a few drops of rain water here and there is not going to hurt anyone right! But she was also amazed when she had seen people walking calmly during a heavy rain.
May be her amazement is what made her take up Psychology! She had always wanted to learn more about people. The amount of surveys she had conducted during college just increased her curiosity about her fellow humans. 
There was one other thing that has never failed to fascinate her. Some call the concept as god, some name it as spirituality, some say that its a higher force. On the whole it all meant the same. She always chose to call this particular force as Mother Nature. She found herself falling flat at exactly why she came up with that name. But then it suited her current situation.
After finishing up her Under Graduate studies she had been spending a lot of time saying good bye to everyone she knew. Today was the last day at this particular place she had fallen in love with. She was flying back to her home town that afternoon and here she was standing in the middle of the road enjoying the light rain!
The city was not something youngsters would enjoy, but then the nature surrounding it made it a beautiful place to settle down. And that was exactly why Valerie loved this place. May be she didn’t have much friends at this place, but she had a nice connection there!
It was ironical that she happened to stay in her first dorm room when she had come back for the graduation ceremony and meet the exact same people whom she had met on her first day to college. She realized that life is rather a circle and you are going to go through a lot of déjà vu moments.
What really made her day was the rain! She remembered that it was drizzling on her first day here. When people told her that college was a place to enjoy, she had believed them. But for her college was where she had no time to enjoy. Her days were filled with so much work that she had take a day off to relax!
On her very last day, she had her moment. The minute where she realized that this is all just a warming up session for what was in store!
She now had the confidence to face life no matter how hard it is going to be. And these very drizzles felt like a blessing from her Mother Nature! A blessing that said “You are ready!”
Smiling, she went back to her dorm to retrieve her bags! With a not so heavy heart, she boarded the flight letting her thoughts loose. The past 3 years ran like a movie in front of her eyes. She knew that college was not at all easy for her. For a small town girl like her!
She did not graduate with honours. But she was proud about her work! She had gotten a nice job at the end. When she heard the slightly audible claps from the crowd of 3000+ she knew what she had earned in this college. Not just a degree but also a few friends who reminded her that they were always there for her!

With so much of thoughts running through her mind she looked towards the window to find small water droplets and a smile covered her face automatically! She knew that she was ready!


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