Just an hour

To: Bindhu
From: Anil
Subject: Enticing one hour of my life!!!
Hey Bins!!!!
How are you? Are you done with your god damn PhD? It’s boring here without my personal entertainer… I know you are rolling your eyes now and now you will have a stupid smile because I just know you so well.
You could be wondering why I am writing this mail now. Well I had an awesome time today and I cannot wait till our next Skype session to tell you about it.
So today Sriram was shifting from his apartment and I had gone to help him. We had taken an omni van thinking that he wouldn’t have much stuff and trust me when I say he has a lot; he has got quite a lot of stuff. For a guy living alone, I don’t understand why he needed so much kitchen items in the first place. I mean he eats out all the time, I know because I eat with almost always! We got about 30 cartons and realized that we had to do more than one trip to transfer all those stuff to my apartment. I have no idea how he is going to fit all of that in here anyways!
I was too darn lazy to sit in that van, so I told Sri that I will join him in the second trip and stayed back. His place has this awesome garden on the roof and so I went up there to get some fresh air. I stretched and sat on one of those benches. Just when I was about to doze off, I saw her. You see there is this 24 storey apartment complex right next to Sri’s complex and luckily his terrace was right next to a full size window. By full size I mean it should be almost 4 or 5 feet in length. As I sat there, this girl opened the curtains and I guess she went to put on some music or something. Then she started dancing. Dancing, not like the graceful dance you see those heroines do in movies. She was dancing in a really funny way, just like a little kid. She must be around our age only. That much I could figure out. I just sat there watching this girl dance without any worries. Well she sure would be having a lot to worry about given that she looks beautiful. But at that present time she was dancing like no one saw her dance.
Technically she thought that no one saw her, but I was watching her every move! Then she twirled around and saw me. Saw this weird guy watching her in her bedroom (I could say because I saw a small part of her bed)
Now comes the funny part. I, being the biggest idiot you could ever see, smiled at her. Now that I think about it, it was more of a grin and not a smile. And much to her annoyance I even waved at her. I think you just fell off your chair laughing.  So the girl just kept her hands on her hips and huffed before closing the curtains. But before doing so she said something and I think it was “jerk”.
I gotta tell you bins… that was the most entertaining hour of my entire life. That was also the hour I had a very big realization dawn upon me. What it is, you might ask.
I realized that I LOVE YOU!
Yes, I love you… That one hour I spent watching that girl was the longest time I spent watching a girl other than you. Yeah, I have dated a few girls so far… But never have I watched them from afar like I have watched you. And in that one hour, all I could do was think of you when I saw her dancing. She reminded me of you. I realized that any girl I see would remind me of you. And it took me not 20 years but just an hour to realize that I love my childhood friend.
Yours lovingly,


Wow!!! It has been a month since I put up a post. I have had very little inspiration these days. But I will try to write more in the coming days. That is not a promise though… 
It is always small things that triggers very big and deep thoughts in us. That is what I have tried to convey through this story. And no! I do not have such a big window in my room and I am not that girl. I usually make sure that no one is watching before I start dancing like that.  😉 



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