All about Love

 Ah! After a while I am posting a story and boy Love is in the air!! So I thought why not write about it….
On to the story…

“Its 12:30pm now and you are listening to All about Love with me; your all time favourite, Nara! Today’s question is: What is the one thing that you will wait for or you are already waiting for? You can mail me your answers to… Stay tuned to hear more about love….” a guy seemingly in his mid twenties switched on the playlist playing various melodies through the radio.
Naren Moorthy is currently working as a radio jockey in the Chennai Radio Station. It was just a part time job he had managed to acquire during his first year of college to pay the rent for his small studio apartment he shared with his cousin Suhas.
For some strange reason when he entered the RJ hunt, most of the judges said that he has a soothing voice. That kind of wounded his male pride. But him being the talkative character he ended up as a RJ at the Chennai Radio.  
He was asked to host a program called ‘All about Love’ that airs from 11 to 1 every night. For some reason his boss thought that his voice was a little soft for the late night show and he was more than happy to talk about his favourite subject ‘Love’. Since it was a late night show he did not have too many listeners.  But there were the regulars who would always listen to his show and send answers for such questions.
That night, strangely he had gotten no mails so far. At such times, he had been instructed to use a certain strategy. So he used his strategy where he would voice out his own opinion and make it sound as if a listener had sent him the answer.
So once the song got over he started speaking through the microphone again. “That was Unfaithful by Rihanna guys. It’s me Nara in All about Love…. It is a full moon night suitable for a moonlit walk by the seashore…. Arjun says that the hours he will spend with his love will be like a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain signing to it. He claims that love is the only thing that will make him feel alive and he is waiting for such a love…. Well Arjun, you sure are a poetic person to think like that. I am sure you will find your true love that will make you feel alive again… This song is for you!”
He added a couple more songs to the playlist and checked for any new mails. ‘Thank god! Someone is nice enough to send me a mail…. I surely can’t handle the shows with all of my own thoughts alone!’ he thought opening the mail.
Dear Nara,
For me love is a feel where you would go to any extent for the person you love just to see their smile. Sometimes we do things for them and don’t expect that smile also. It is when you are able to give all that you got to that other person and expect nothing in return.
I am waiting for such a soul who would love me like that and I will love them back more than they would love me. Such a love need not necessarily be from the opposite gender or even a human .All we need is a soul that will love us…. I am just waiting for such a soul to meet me…..
FYI you just quoted George Moore right! If you want I can give you better quotes….
He chuckled a bit reading the last line of her mail. Being a literature major, he had unconsciously quoted something he had read during his classes. But George Moore is an Irish writer and not many would have heard of him… Those lines made him think more about this strange Jamuna person. Her point of view was intriguing for him.
Still having his smile he ended the songs and started talking. “You are listening to All about Love with me Nara…. Jamuna here says that she is waiting for a soul that would love her and not expect anything in return. For her love necessarily need not be from a lover. It can be from anyone with a soul…. Even a heart is not needed. All she needs is a soul and she is waiting to shower such a soul with all the love she could muster up…. I wish you luck to meet your soul mate soon Jamuna….” he played the songs again.
While the songs were being aired he typed back a reply.
Dear Jamuna,
Sorry about the quote… Sometimes it happens…. 😉 So did I interpret your thought correctly?
As he sat there adding more songs he was trying not to look like a lost puppy waiting for its master as he waited for her to reply. Not long after that I got a reply.
Yeah! For once someone didn’t tease my view about love and you had interpreted it right. Thanks….
He couldn’t wait till he got another mail from his mysterious listener. Oddly her messages made him smile and he badly wanted to continue talking to her. There was something about her reply that attracted him.
He wanted to go beyond the relationship of RJ and listener.
Welcome! Actually yours was the only mail I received tonight….Think you can give me a few more quotes? I am running out of good ones… Contact me in my personal mail id:
He smiled hitting the send button. Just two more minutes and he will be ending his show for the day. He wasn’t sure why he just shared his personal mail id to a complete stranger just like that. He wasn’t supposed to do that. For all he knows, this Jamuna could be a guy sending mails through a girl’s name.
Once the song ended he spoke “That’s all for tonight guys… Catch up with Sarala’s Walk up call tomorrow morning at 6. Have a lovely night… It’s me Nara signing off… Cha! Cha! Bye!” he said switching off the microphone.
Meanwhile in a girl sporting violet highlights sat in her dorm room smiling at the mail that had just popped up in her laptop. It is a rare event for a straight ‘A’ student like Jamuna to sit late at night and finish off assignments in the last minute. She is this sincere student who turns in her assignments and reports way before the due date making a lot of enemies in the class.
But tonight she was just finishing up an assignment when she tuned in the radio. There were a few stations in the city that had a show airing late at night.
There was some program called All about Love and she left the radio on since her favourite songs were being played. The RJ had asked some question and as much as she wanted to answer the question she had other better work to do. Being a Literature graduate she recognised the famous quote by George Moore and couldn’t resist sending him a mail.
‘Either he is making it up or someone just sent him a quote telling that it was their own words…she thought as she sent him an answer for his question along with the information about the quote.
She smiled at his last mail which contained his personal mail id. He finished his show and now all she could hear was static.
She composed a new mail.
Naren had slept off as soon as he reached his apartment. He completely forgot about her mail until Suhas asked him to check his mail for some other reason.
He hurriedly opened the mail box in his I-phone and punched in the password. He had gotten a new mail from her.
In that case, why don’t you give me a call and I will give you more quotes….  8142644473
With a smile covering his face he dialed the number and pressed the phone to his ear.
“Hello, this is Jamuna speaking!” an angelic voice spoke from the other side.

He knew from now on he will feel alive because he had at last met his soul mate…..
Happy Valentines Day folks! Well life sure has been too busy for me lately and trust me when I say busy, it has been a year and a half since I updated my fan fiction page.. 😛
There was this late night radio show I used to listen to. That guy had the softest voice and the show was about love. He would give tips on how to propose to guys and all. He resigned a little later though. It was a nice show! I really liked it. I don’t even remember his name now. But I will remember his show for a long time. 
This story was something I wrote about 2 years back. Hope you all like it. 

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