####“Hey kitty cat...” the elder lady hugged the younger looking one earning a scowl for her comment. “You will never stop calling me that, will you?” they started walking towards the parking lot. “That’s because you are a kitty cat.” The other girl decided not to say anything and hailed a cab. “How far is … Continue reading Trippy


I guess the post for R will be put up along with Z. Those two are a bit connected. ####“So how exactly do you know him?” His question made her smile. “We were kind of like pen pals.” She looked at her questioner who was busy cleaning his camera lens. “I asked how exactly. Which means … Continue reading Sasur

Queer Connection

####‘What happen to her?’ He whispered to the girl sitting next to him. She just turned to her right and saw another girl sighing as she silently worked on her laptop. ‘Nothing… Why are you asking?’ ‘She seems odd…’ he just looked at her like she was some entirely new species or some kind of … Continue reading Queer Connection

Pastry Shop

####It was a busy Saturday evening at the OMG Pastry shop. One cannot categorize it into a pastry shop though. They started it as one but started expanding their menu and now they also sell an assortment of pastas, pizzas, wraps, beverages along with baked goodies. It was a small venture they all took up … Continue reading Pastry Shop

Oh Wise Dhadha!

####“Welcome to India. Have a nice stay...” the immigration officer smiled as he returned his passport. He hailed a cab to this particular hotel where she had booked a room for him. He retrieved the invitation from his bag and smiled. When she called him a few weeks back, he did not expect an actual … Continue reading Oh Wise Dhadha!


Okay guys, I am going to try something similar to “How I Met Your Mother”. I kinda like the way how every episode begins. ####Year 2023:‘Kids, the November of 2013 was the best Novembers of my entire life. My boyfriend at that time Greg broke up with me on the 25th of October exactly at … Continue reading NaNoWriMo

Mad Hatter

####“Dude… You cannot buy that!” his voice came out louder than he intended it to be getting a little attention. Unfazed to all those details his friend’s attention was fixed on the hat he was holding in his hand. He was grinning so wide that one could not even imagine what was going on in … Continue reading Mad Hatter

Lil Brothers

####“Hello.”“Hi, Am I speaking to the Co-Founder of Memories forever?” a female voice inquired. “Yes maam. How may I help you?”“I had booked your service for a shoot long back. The date is kind of nearing. So I wanted to re-confirm it.”“What kind of shoot are we talking about ma’am? Also can you help me … Continue reading Lil Brothers

Korangu Kutty

####She was very tired. She even considered sleeping on the stairs. She knew her husband would probably laugh at that thought. Opening the door to her apartment she found the said man watching TV. “Football again?” “League match...” he spoke not caring to help her with the grocery bags. As she placed the bags on … Continue reading Korangu Kutty