I found this A-Z challenge and thought why not give it a try… Hope you all enjoy it as well.


Why laughing now?
She couldn’t tell him that she just found it adorable now, can she?
“Well I just imagined us both bickering over who is cute and I find it adorable”
As she waited for his reply, her imagination went wild. She could have gone when he asked her out on a second date. She should have gone out with him again. But she declined it. She made up a story of having curfews at her place and rushed back. She did regret it. But he was so “dangerously” attractive that she was scared for a moment.  
I am not adorable. I am strong and dark.
She laughed at his reply. Yet again they were having their usual arguments and he was denying everything she told him.
“You are adorable and cute”
It was mostly like this. Their friendship started through texting. It did not start with a random ‘Lets be friends’ text. A common friend needed both their helps in a play. She was helping with the script while he helped with the stage design. They both never met. So when she was relocating to another city, she decided to meet him. And that’s where the spark started.
I am not adorable or cute…
“Well you need not be all pink and small to be adorable. The way you act with me is adorable.”
That may be due to the reason that I am dumb
“You are not dumb. You are just cheerful…”
Yeah a joker!
“You are not a joker… Not one now and never will be a joker.”
But jokers are cheerful.
“Jokers are sad on the inside! So you are not a joker!”
I am not a joker for anyone else J
Only you… J
Don’t awww me… I am not 5… 😛
“But you are cute…”
I am not cute
“Yeah keep denying everything I say.”
That’s because you are wrong. 😛
L ok….”
Don’t be sad… you can call me whatever you want J
I am not 5
“You are 5 for me…”
Wrong. I am six 😛

Manly manly! 😛
She laughed at his response. She found herself expecting his text all day. Her day began with his good morning and ended with his good night. No matter how busy they both got, they never once failed to greet each other. She found it cute that he acted all goofed up only with her, or that is what he claimed. She found out that she felt way attracted to him, now that he keeps saying that he behaves that way with her alone.

She found herself falling hard for him. Her own adorable puppy love!


If you are looking for a back story, don’t worry. There is one! Ofcourse there will always be a story behind every story I write! Who is behind this story, you ask? That is going to be a secret 😛 
But this was a special conversation I cherish. I am sure everyone reading it is going to be smiling by the end of the story 😀 


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