Bad Day

Here is the story for B 

“What happen?” she asked Jim who sat across her in the small lunch table. They both were the only ones at the lunch hall. It was too late and they both were used to this untimely lunch breaks.
“Bad day!” Jim spoke as he stared down at his sandwich as if the food was magically fly into his mouth.  
“That bad for you to sit like this?” she inquired again as she munched on her salad.
“Yeah. Lets not talk about it…” he pushed away his food and looked like he was about to cry.
That did it for her. “What the hell happened?” Jane almost yelled.
“My boss kind of scolded me for not writing the proposal draft properly.” He spoke. She knew that Jim’s boss was a nice man and the maximum kind of scolding he could do is, ask someone to redo it immediately.
“So you sit here almost in tears because your boss asked you to rewrite a proposal?” she was puzzled.
“It was not fair ok!” he spoke.
“C’mon its not that bad. We all get these kind of rejections and stuff right? Cheer up man.”
“Life just isn’t fair. This is the worst day of my life!” he banged the table.
She just looked at him with utmost irritation. She had to deal with his whining almost every day. Jane slowly finished her salad.
“As I sit here, my one year old son is sick and is being taken care of by my neighbours. I have to come to work because there is a supposedly meeting which would probably be cancelled just like it got cancelled the past few days. And yet my boss won’t accept my leave. Just when I think that the day can’t be anymore eventful, I get a call that my father has yet again had a partial seizure and I cannot go visit him because he is living almost 2000 miles from here. Finally I had to pick up the slack because my boss just had to mess up an important report that needs to be submitted tomorrow, which is going to make me pull an all-nighter tonight. And you say you had a bad day?” she got up with a smile and walked out of the lunch hall with pride.
Jim couldn’t help but watch her with something that was a mixture of respect and fright.
We all have seen that one person who just keeps complaining without understanding that they have a lot to thank for? Well this story was inspired by one such person I have seen 😛
I just hope they don’t recognize that this story is about them!!!  

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