“Can I have another cup of tea?”
“Why not? I am a volunteer and I don’t like any of the other stuff kept here.”
“Too much tea is not good for your health!” he gave a goofy smile.
That’s how their friendship started. Or well he always calls her akka (big sister), so they have a bond deeper than friendship.
The hunky 6 feet tall guy calls this little girl (who looks younger than she is) akka and well, you can imagine how people would have mocked it. But they were always in their own little sphere of happiness, not caring about who said what.
It did get to her at one point. All those comments. But he was strong for her. Just like how a brother should be. They both had siblings. But still they called each other brother-sister.
He always had a way of starting a conversation with her.
“Chella kutty!” he will say in an almost bouncy voice that makes anyone wonder if he is grown up mentally. That is how he speaks when he is in a pleasant mood and just wants to spread the pleasantness to her.
All she does is raise an eyebrow and say “Okay what is it that you want now? Or else you won’t be nice with me…”
 Another way is 
“Eiii” that’s how he calls her when he is bored and just wants to talk…

But there was a day when he called her by her name. She knew something was off.
“She left me!” he told her. Cried to her. That was the first time she saw him crying. She consoled him. She made him realize that she was there for him just like he is there for her. That was the last time she saw him crying as well.
As he saw her number flash on his mobile he smiled. “Chella kutty!!!” he spoke with the same bouncy voice he had been using all these years with her.

His smile died down as he heard the message. Silent tears rolled down his cheeks. Just that she was not there to console him this time. 

I would like to dedicate this post to a special brother I happened to meet during college. He is far away now, but he will always be the big looking little brother for me. 
Special thanks to 4to40 greetings for the pic. 


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