Devil Didis

“So how exactly are these aunts related to us?” her 15 year old nephew asked as the train started moving.
“They aren’t related us.” She replied looking out the window.
They were currently on their way to Mumbai to meet a couple of aunts. That is what she told him when it was decided that he would be spending his summer vacation with his aunt.
“They are just your friends then?”
“No. They are my sisters.”
“I don’t understand aunty…” he scratched his head.
She smiled again. He did not understand the joy of having a pen pal. He was exactly like his father, expecting a certain return value in every single action he takes.
“I met them one lovely November. Not physically. But that November I met their souls. Oh yes! Their souls… they are my soul sisters…”
“Something like soul mates?”
“You can say that. But it’s not exactly like that. Its so simple that you guys complicate it and say that you don’t understand…”
“Stop talking in riddles aunty.”
She started laughing at his frustration.
“Have you ever come across a complete stranger who turns into the caring big sister you never had in just one long chat conversation? Well that’s who they are for me. they were just random people who happened to have the same interests as me one day and the next day they are the most irritating, nagging big sisters one can get.”
“Irritating and nagging?”
“Oh yeah! They irritate me with so many nick names that I lost track of them. they nag me to eat well, sleep well and stuff that I never follow them making them nag me more.” She smiled as she browsed through the photos in her mobile.
As she finished narrating the story of how two complete strangers became her best soul sisters they reached Mumbai.
Two women in their mid forties hugged her as soon as she got off the train.
“This is my nephew. He will be staying with me.” she introduced the young boy next to her.
“Did she tell you who we are?” one of them asked him with a wide smile.

“Oh yeah… You two are the Devil Didis who irritate and nag my aunty…” 
I wanted to write more. But I wanted to keep it short. I know that after reading this two particular females currently staying in Mumbai are going to somehow find a way to hug me to death! 😛
Pic courtesy: Babyling street

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