“Fucking stupid phone…” he threw the mobile on his bed.
“Is everything alright?” she peeped in through the door.
“My phone has gone bonkers. Fucking phone…” he sat down trying to switch on the said electronic instrument.
“Phones don’t fuck…” she spoke making him laugh instantly.
“Bloody fucking retards… Can’t they see where the fuck they are driving?” he kept on muttering as he drove his bike.
“You know sometimes I feel like I am sitting through some Quentin Tarantino movie when I am with you…”
He laughed again. “You left out Martin Scorsese…” he said earning a smack on his head.
“Calm down woman.”
“Shut up and drive.”
“Fuck fuck fuck…”
“Sheesh… will you stop swearing?”
“I just fucked up this report… I am so fucked…”
“Swearing is not going to help you know.”
“It relaxes me…” he spoke, his eyes still fixated on the laptop screen while she just threw him a bewildered look.
“You are weird man!”
“Why do you keep swearing all the time?” she asked as they were about to leave.
“I don’t know… It’s sort of like a reflex for me…”

“Great reflex you got there.” She laughed walking towards the elevator.
 We all have that one friend who just keeps swearing all the time right? Well in my group I am the one who swears so much that people start requesting me to stop using those words. Can never control though! 😛 

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