“Did she give you too much trouble?” the elder woman asked the younger one as the latter handed the sleeping little girl to the former.
“No trouble at all didi. She was a darling as usual…” the younger lady smiled.
“I don’t know. Either she is all well behaved with you, or you are the one who is spoiling her…”
“I pick the second option” butted in the said child’s father.
“If her aunt doesn’t spoil her, then who would?” the younger lady stuck out her tongue at him.
“Alright, I got a call at 11. Will catch you tomorrow.” she got up and walked to her apartment which was across the hallway.
“Why is she in such a hurry? Its just 7 right?” he asked as he carried the sleeping child to his room.
As he gently laid down the child in deep slumber she uttered “goggy… goggy papa…”
Although anger filled in him, there was this happiness that rose in him shadowing the anger.
*Few hours back*
“Aunty see…” the little girl pointed at her work of art on the wall. Her aunty smiled. She truly did love that child.
“Come here goo goo doll.”
As the tiny tot sat next to her she spoke again “You remember what to call your daddy?”
She nodded vigorously. “Goggy papa…” she giggled.
Her aunty burst out laughing. She had always wanted to teach her the word groggy (her brother’s famous nickname) and yet his daughter pronounces it in a different way making it a whole new nick name.
She kissed the little girl’s temple “That’s my favorite goo goo doll!”


While a few of you might recognize who this story is based on, I would like to enlighten the ones who are wondering about this mysterious yet comical groggy. I met him last November and he was always this big brother I wanted to bicker with from the beginning. He helped me write my first novel and then he became my punching bag most of the times (we have never met each other though) We all called him grizzly (he looked like a grizzly bear) in the beginning. And when he did shave that beard, he was always sleeping or hungover and then we started calling him groggy which kind of stuck onto him for a while now. I would like to dedicate this particular story to him. *runs before groggy comes to catch me*

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