Hungry… hope there’s pudding!


He scrolled down the forum. The last entry to it was months ago. He was not surprised.  When there was Facebook, who was going spare a second glance at good old Orkut? He was bored to death.
The forum was to list out your favorite dialogues from Harry potter books or movies.
Most of them were the usual ones. Mostly it was stuff said by Harry, Ron or Dumbledore. He found it boring as well. But he kept scrolling.
One particular entry made him stop.
He started laughing at that one line.
So he started stalking that particular profile. Seeing what all has been posted from that person. There was no profile picture and the name was set in some weird font that did not allow him to actually read and recognize the word.
He noted that the user was not that active now. 
So he did what he could do. Write them a private message and hope to gain a new interesting friend.
The ping sound alerted her of a new email. She opened it to see a notification alert from Orkut.
‘Orkut is still functioning?’ she wondered opening the message.
She couldn’t help but smile at the short message on her screen. This guy has just sent out a message to some anonymous profile.
‘Hi Loony (I prefer to call you that),
Hopefully you are good. I was just wondering why you had given that particular line as your favorite dialogue. It intrigued me.
I like Luna as well. She saw the world in a different way. I hope you are a person like her and I hope I can share your view as well.’
She hurriedly logged into Orkut and searched through the forums to see what she had posted that made him message her. She started laughing as she found the particular entry.
“Hungry… I hope there’s pudding…” by Luna Lovegood.


Luna Lovegood has been an interesting character that intrigued me from the first time she was introduced in the books and the movies. Evanna had done a nice job in the movies as well. What really stuck onto me was this scene where she says “Hungry…” to no one particularly. We all would be having that friend who would do that. I used to do it sometimes. Out of the blue I will ask a friend if we could go have brownies from CCD or just plainly start baking them at home because I wanted some. Happy Reading! 
*texts a friend to bake cuppy cakes*

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