Joker Guy


She let her thoughts go wild as she sat in the car. She wanted to visit all those places he had taken her to. He knew very well that she loved to visit new restaurants and try out all the new/bizarre dishes on the menu. She was the loner who always chose loneliness while he would barge right in and drag her to some place or the other.
“Should I learn that you are in town from your facebook update? Idiot!” she heard him scold over the phone.
“Been a busy weekend man… Didn’t have much time to inform anyone!”
“Fine where are you?”
“Home! Why?”
“Good… come down… We are going to the beach…”
She just smiled as she grabbed her wallet and rushed downstairs to see him waiting for her.
She just stood there as the waves touched her feet. That particular memory brought her a sad smile. As much as she wanted to be alone, she hated loneliness as well. He understood that within days into their friendship.
“He said all those horrible stuff you know. I can never forgive him.”
“So your solution to that is to avoid me as well?”
“You will go and fight with him if I told you all that and I know for a fact that I will blabber everything to you the minute I see you.” she looked down.
There was an awkward silence. He started playing with her hair clip that was on the table nearby. *SNAP*
She looked up to find the broken pieces of her hair clip.
“You donkey…” she smiled hitting him and making him laugh.
“That was a vintage clip you know…”
“I don’t care. If breaking that takes to make you smile, then it’s cool…” he said getting another hard smack.
She still had that broken hair clip with her. It makes her smile every single time.
“Its already 9…” she whined.
“We will have dinner and be back.” He said as she sat behind him on the bike.
“So where are we gonna have dinner?”
“I don’t know…”
“You gotta be kidding me.”
He just laughed and drove a little faster shutting her up.
She came back home pretty late. She wanted to go to that particular restaurant they visited one time. He had said their chicken fried rice was something to die for.
When they did bring out the chicken fried rice, there was no chicken in it. She kept scolding him the whole time while they ate the plain fried rice.
He kept laughing the whole time making jokes about the chicken less chicken fried rice.
He was that one friend who just wanted to lighten up the mood where ever he went. The joker like guy who absorbed all the sadness but emitted a cheerful aura…

They both drifted apart as life went on. Just like it happens in any other friendship. But she will never forget his lame jokes and his ways of making her smile.
 I was stuck on J since I hadn’t thought of a title for J before hand. And then this guy came to my mind. I know exactly what he will say when he reads this. And I want to hug him at times as well. Don’t you all have that one friend who just cracks jokes all the time so that there is no sadness when he is around? 
This one is for you stupid… 

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