Korangu Kutty


She was very tired. She even considered sleeping on the stairs. She knew her husband would probably laugh at that thought. Opening the door to her apartment she found the said man watching TV.
“Football again?”
“League match…” he spoke not caring to help her with the grocery bags. As she placed the bags on the kitchen table she finds a basket.
Just as she fumbles to find the tag over it her husband yells from the living room “A package came in for you…”
‘To my dearest Korangu kutty’
She just stared at the tag.
Just then she felt two hands snake around her waist. “I knew you were called a lot of nicknames. But this one is new…”
“This was the first ever nickname I got.” She smiled as she took out a chocolate from the basket.
“Who gave it?”
“A girl whom I used to call as elder sister.” She started munching on the chocolate. Right now his interest football flew out the window. He wanted to learn about this mysterious sister he had never heard about.
“Have you told me about her?”
“She even came to our marriage.”
“How come I don’t remember her?”
“Because she couldn’t stay long. Also I never told you about this nickname…”
“So tell me about it…”
Right at that moment her phone rings diverting both their attention.
“Why don’t you ask her yourself…” she switched on the speaker phone.
“I got your sweet basket… Doneky sis…” she spoke.
“I am assuming you already started eating.” a soft voice spoke.
“So whats with the whole korangu kutty thing?” her husband couldn’t wait any longer.
“Don’t tell me you never told your hubby about it…” she laughed. “That is how I used to call her when we were in school.”
“Yeah she just told me that’s how her elder sister calls her. Didn’t know it was you. Aren’t you younger than her?”
“I am… But for me she will always be the younger sister who plays around, makes a big deal to eat her lunch, pesters me to get her stuff and always asks for a hug…”
“You left out the way I jump around…”
“Well that is one main reason I named her a monkey. But then she is like this little monkey who would hold on tight to its mother. I am no mother to her, but I always protect her…”

“I still remember the way you fought with me because I made her cry…” the husband laughed making the other two girls giggle.
“So what’s with the sweet basket?” she asked.
“Oh well… It’s just that… I am pregnant…”

And that was the last thing the husband heard before his wife started screeching and jumping like she had just seen a unicorn.
There is this girl who just keeps playing with me. She is 23 now. But she is the childish girl who would suddenly ask me for a pair of slippers or would say that she is craving for a pizza now. She knows I am protective of her and well, I call her Korangu (meaning monkey) she lovingly calls me Akka (Elder sister) though. 
This story is for her. *runs before she starts throwing stuff at me*
Pic courtesy: TheFW

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