Lil Brothers


“Hi, Am I speaking to the Co-Founder of Memories forever?” a female voice inquired.
“Yes maam. How may I help you?”
“I had booked your service for a shoot long back. The date is kind of nearing. So I wanted to re-confirm it.”
“What kind of shoot are we talking about ma’am? Also can you help me with the date?”
“It is a wedding photography. Its supposed to be in the second week of August.”
“I am sorry maam. But we don’t do wedding photography.”
“I booked this particular service when you were doing wedding photography all those years back.” She giggled a bit.
“Ummm… May I know who this is?” he was already smiling.
“It takes you so long to recognize me?” she started laughing. “It is my wedding. Will you do the photography or should I call up some other photographer?”
“Sis…” he laughed. “Of course I am going to be doing it…”
“Is this it?” her fiancé asked as they both got down.
“I guess it is. I have only been to their previous dance floor.” She walked inside.
As she was asking for directions to the guy at the reception another voice came from behind her.
“Oi…  Ask him to take care of the hip-hop classes. I will be back in an hour…”
She turned around to find the very person she came in search of. A look of confusion and recognition was there on his face.
“Remember me?” she went near him. He was still confused.
“Dei…” she said as he laughed at the realization. “How are you sis?”
“I am getting married…” she extended the invitation card to him and that is when he saw her amused fiancé standing behind her.
“Do I need an invitation to come?” he scratched the back of his head.
“How many little brothers you got?” he asked as they got back into the car.
“About 10 of them!” she said trying to keep count of them all. “But these 4 are my college juniors…” she added.
“You go in, I will park the car be there.” He smiled. He knew she wanted invite all of them personally. He wanted to meet all these guys and see why she held them all close to her heart.
“There is someone waiting for you in the reception.” His colleague interrupted his deep facebook analysis. Closing his laptop he walked out to find a few people sitting there.
“Who is waiting for me?” he asked the receptionist.
Looking at the couple who were seated in the far corner of the waiting hall, he couldn’t quite figure out who was coming to meet him at his office.
As the lady stood up he started grinning. “How are you Mr.Body Builder?” she asked him.
Looking at her hand and at the tall man standing next to her “You are getting married akka?” making her blush.
“He is on his way here. He came back from a sports meet last night only.” He spoke placing the phone securely in his pocket.
“I spoke to that palm tree last night. He said he will come if I get him a flight ticket from US.” She said drinking the cold coffee.
“Yeah! But he also knows that you would probably kill him if he doesn’t come.” Her would-be muttered getting a sharp smack on his head.
“Akka…” a fourth voice came from behind them.
She just laughed at this guy who was wearing a pair of sweat pants and plain white t-shirt.
“You better dress properly when you come for my wedding… You buffalo…” she said making him laugh.
“It has been a long time since I heard you scold me…” he grinned making all of them laugh.
He looked at the sleeping woman beside him. They were currently on a flight heading back to his native place.

He had first suggested that they could simply send the invites through courier. But she was stubborn about giving it personally to these guys. 
He wondered why. But now he understood. He just smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder. He finally met most of his brother-in-laws.
This particular story is about the bunch of juniors I met during my final year of college. I spent very little time with them, but we all bonded so well that they respect me as their sister. Well that does come with the infinite amount of teasing (both from my side and their side) I wish them all a very very successful future. 🙂
Pic Courtesy: Johan Derycke

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