Mad Hatter


“Dude… You cannot buy that!” his voice came out louder than he intended it to be getting a little attention.
Unfazed to all those details his friend’s attention was fixed on the hat he was holding in his hand. He was grinning so wide that one could not even imagine what was going on in his mind at that particular moment.
He just walked straight to the billing section and bought the 45$ hat.
He wanted to show her the recent purchase. He bought that utterly expensive hat because he knew she would like it. But how to show it to her?
They were on a time-out, if you could call it that.
They just decide let’s not talk or text and go on without contact for exactly a month before one of them gives up and texts the other.
Right now they were in another such a period.
A devious idea comes to his mind as he poses in front of his mirror and clicks a picture.
‘You look good!’
He couldn’t help but smile at the new message.
‘That hat really suits you… J
He almost jumped in victory at that message.
That was all he could think of.
Before the awkwardness could take over he sent another message.
It did cost me a fortune. It’s about 2200 rupees.
‘That much money didn’t go waste. You look handsome as ever…’
He kept grinning at the message so much that he almost missed the second ping his phone emitted.

‘My dear mad hatter… <3’
A lot of guys do things that only their girl will like and love, even cherish. Just like how he buys a hat thinking that she would love it, I am writing stories thinking that you all will love it. 
Pic courtesy: Jenny Palmer

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