Oh Wise Dhadha!


“Welcome to India. Have a nice stay…” the immigration officer smiled as he returned his passport.
He hailed a cab to this particular hotel where she had booked a room for him. He retrieved the invitation from his bag and smiled. When she called him a few weeks back, he did not expect an actual invite card to be dropped at his door step. And little did he expect the hand written letter inside that envelope.
He really liked the way she had taken time to write that letter for him. He felt special for a moment. His invite card was not one among hundreds that were posted. But he knew that was her specialty. She made everyone feel special by paying attention to the smallest details.
He had 7 hours to rest his jet lagged body. With thoughts of the little girl he befriended all those years ago he fell asleep.
6 years ago:
“Can you teach me about this calculation?” he heard her hesitant voice over the phone.
“But I am at the hostel now dearie…”
“Oh…” he could almost imagine her disappointed look.  “It’s alright… I will manage…” she said trying to sound chirpy.
For some strange reason he didn’t like the way she sounded. “I will be there in ten…” he hung up.
“Why do they hate me so much?” she cried.
He didn’t know how to comfort her.
“People say stuff because they got no life… Everything will get better. Don’t worry.”
“You think so?” she smiled a little.
“Your little brother is cute…” she smiled at him. He had to stifle a laugh.
“Tell him I said hi okay?” she said in her most naive voice not knowing the consequences of it.
I miss you… Things are almost normal here. And I decided its best I try to forget and go on with life…
‘I am glad to know things are getting better. J
I miss you too kutty…’
“Hi ma’am, there is a package for you. I am currently at your college office. Could you come and pick it up?”
She was puzzled. “May I know who has sent the package?”
“I am sorry ma’am. It is labelled as highly confidential.”
“Alright I will be there…” she hung up and walked to the college office.
There she saw no courier guy. She called the number again. “I am at the college office. Where are you?”
“I am waiting in the computer lab ma’am.”
She was way too confused now. How did a courier guy was even allowed to go inside their lab?
As she entered the lab she saw the guy she missed sitting there with a wide grin etched on his face.
“Surprise kutty…” he said as she hugged him.
‘Hey… I need some advice…’
He smiled at her message. She always came to him for any kind of advice.
‘Relationship advice’
You have come to the right person then… wait! Lemme call you…
After an hour’s conversation they hung up.
‘Thanks… I feel confident enough now…’
You are welcome kutty…
‘From now on I am going to call you Oh Wise Dhadha…’
He just laughed at her new title.
He never knew how much he meant for her until he got her farewell gifts. A batpod and a handmade greeting card! They were no brother and sister. Were they friends? They were more than that. He was her mentor, her guide and a shoulder for her to cry when she needed one. And what is she for him? A little girl who makes him smile.
As he entered the banquet hall, he looked around for a familiar face. He regretted not bringing his brother or sister with him. He didn’t know anyone there.
He started looking for her.
As he spotted her standing on the stage, he smiled. She hadn’t grown any taller. But her attire made her look so grown up.
He waved at her once he knew that she saw him. She almost ran towards him from the stage.
“I thought you wouldn’t come…” she said.
“Well I do have a decent reason if I had decided not to come!”
“And that is?”
“It’s not your wedding. So why should I even come?”
“So why did you come then?”
“Because it’s a good enough reason for me to meet you kutty…” he said making her laugh.
A story about how I found a wonderful person and how he still happens to be the guy I always turn to when I feel down or when I feel happy. 
Belated Happy Birthday Razik….  

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