Pastry Shop


It was a busy Saturday evening at the OMG Pastry shop. One cannot categorize it into a pastry shop though. They started it as one but started expanding their menu and now they also sell an assortment of pastas, pizzas, wraps, beverages along with baked goodies.
It was a small venture they all took up after a couple years of working under someone in some XYZ company. 5 friends got together and decided they are going to be their own bosses. What started off as a late night conference call ended up in the small yet cozy pastry shop that was always filled to the brim with customers. That too the weekends were hectic.
For her, this shop was the only thing that kept her going on. Having lost her parents in a road accident, she didn’t feel the need to go on with life. Except for this shop!
They were no professionals. But they all had a common passion. A passion for desserts…
Their only goal was to make people happy with their food.
When she had lost all hope in life, this shop was the one thing that gave her satisfaction. She held this little place very close to her heart.
Also if it were not for this shop, she would not have met him.
He was a regular there. No one knew his name or anything. But he would come there exactly at 6:30 pm every single day. His order was always the same. A cappuccino and a chocolate truffle… Sometimes he would order some take away as well. But that was a rare event.
Her friends hated seeing her like this. They wanted her to be the cheerful person she once used to be. They wanted something other than this shop to enter her heart. They also saw that he was interested in her. So the gang always made sure that she was the one to serve his order and after a couple weeks, she got used to it.
That Saturday, amongst all the crazy customers she spotted him entering the shop. A nod from him confirmed that he just needed his regular order.
As she placed the tray in front of him, he looked up. She realized he was smiling. She had never seen him smile.
Just when she was about to turn around she heard him say “You look pretty today…”
For a moment she looked down at her normal tee and jean clad body. She didn’t find anything different on herself today.
In the 5 months she has been his waitress and this was the first time he complimented her on something.
She smiled. Not the fake smile she managed for customers. But a genuine smile that reflected her true feelings…
She had another reason to hold this pastry shop close to her heart now.

Don’t tell me you never had the dream of having your own restaurant or something of that sort. We all have that dream.
Some pursue it and some just let it remain as a dream thinking that its not our cup of coffee. But I have always wanted to put up a small coffee shop kind of thing, sell pastries, cookies and all. I even have a small plan as well. But not sure as of now. 🙂

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