Queer Connection


‘What happen to her?’ He whispered to the girl sitting next to him. She just turned to her right and saw another girl sighing as she silently worked on her laptop.
‘Nothing… Why are you asking?’
‘She seems odd…’ he just looked at her like she was some entirely new species or some kind of an alien.
Just then the subject matter of their whisperings turned and waved a half hearted Hi.
‘She has been like this for a couple of days now…’ the other girl accepted.
‘Think we should ask her?’
‘Nah… Let her be. She will tell us when she is ready’
All this while the said girl just kept sighing and continued to work. Though they both were whispering she heard them both very well.
She just looked to her left and sighed again.
The other two concluded that something is definitely wrong with her.
As she walked back home she felt like crying out. She was mad at herself. She could not believe that she had gotten so serious.
She had let her happiness depended on something else other than herself. She promised she would not let this happen again.
And yet she had let herself fall in love again. Now she could not bear the separation.
Hugging herself she just looked up. Wondering how things are going on over there now.
She wondered how things had come to this level.
“That’s it.” Her friends stood in front of her.
She just looked at them with a bewildered look.
“Why are you like this?” he asked her. He just couldn’t bear seeing her all sad and depressed like this.
“Like what?”
“Like this!” the other girl made a pathetic sad face in an attempt of imitating her.
“Oh!” she looked down.
“What is it?”
“Well…” she took in a deep breathe. Its time they knew…
She started narrating the happenings of last week.
When she finished the girl just hugged her.
“I understand darling. We all have been through something like this…” she said.
“You can just move on to the next better thing na?” the guy asked gaining a smack.
“Don’t say such insensitive things to her. She is already going through a lot now.”
“I didn’t say anything bad. There are a lot of other fishes in the sea…”
“But I want my fish back.” The girl spoke.
“You will get it back dear!” the other female said as she dragged the confused guy back to their seats.
As the pair entered their cubicle they saw her smiling.
They just looked at each other.
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” the girl asked him. He was already grinning ear to ear as he nodded. Setting their bags down, they both almost pounced on her.
“Is that it?” she asked the girl who was now smiling at her phone.
The latter just nodded.
“I am so happy for you…” she hugged her.
The guy just stood there with a confused look on his face.
“Why are you looking so lost?”
“I am happy for you. But I don’t understand why you two are so dramatic about it.” He almost shut his mouth when he saw both the girls glare at him.
“It’s just a phone…” he said to himself as he sat down.

You! Yes you! If you are smiling  or laughing now I am sure you either know a person who is obsessed with their mobile phone or you are the obsessed one. Well I am one such person as well. My iPhone is having some problems now and I am using my spare set. I miss my phone! 😦 *sob sob*
This story is for all those out there who are way too connected to their phone that they don’t think of changing it until its absolutely unusable… We all share a queer connection to that object. We all know we should not love an object. But we just love it so much that we can never be separated from it. 

Pic courtesy: 123rf

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