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“So how exactly do you know him?”
His question made her smile.
“We were kind of like pen pals.” She looked at her questioner who was busy cleaning his camera lens.
“I asked how exactly. Which means I am asking for specific details!” He clarified for her still not taking his eyes off the object in his hands.
“Well, I was part of this group. A group of writers and he was also a part of it. So we all chat through the night.”
“What did you all talk about?”
“Almost anything and everything. Books, movies, food… Oh yeah! We speak a lot about food. And then he likes to talk about politics as well. There is not topic that this guy won’t talk about.”
“So you mean he was a genius?”
“He still is one. That is why we are going to get his interview for our magazine. Remember?”
“Well, from what you are saying you should know a lot more than anybody else right?”
“Not necessarily. He would talk about anything but his own life with us. We all just talk about our writing and stuff. The way he weaves a story just leaves us all awestruck. We always say he is from a planet of his own and does not belong in Earth…” she let out a light laugh as a particular memory came to her mind.
“I used to tell him that I would marry his son. He was about 19 and I was about 22 at that time. And I used to nudge him to get married soon and give me a son so that I can marry that boy. My theory was that his son would be even more interesting than he was…”
“Guess that is why he and his boyfriend adopted a son…” he said making her laugh harder.
“So why are you not in touch with him now?”
“I kind of cut contacts with everyone at one point. I avoided almost everyone. He did leave me a few mails. May be it was my fear. I just never found the courage to talk to any of them again. They would have probably forgotten me now…” the tear drop rolling down her cheek put the other guy in silence.
He could see that she missed them all very much.
“Do you think he will recognize you?”
“I am not sure. I have never met him in person…”
“Why don’t you tell him now?”
“I am not sure…”
“Tell him. He will be happy…”
As the car came to a stop they entered the humble looking house. They both were asked to wait in the living room as the sole subject of their talk entered the room.
They had come to get the interview of this author whose first book became a national best seller.
“Thank you for the interview…” she said getting up. Just then her photographer nudged her. She raised her eyebrows in an alarming way and shook her head.
“Is anything the matter?” her long lost friend asked.
“She has a personal request sir…” the photographer said and hurriedly made his way towards the car.
“What is it?” he smiled. He was wondering why the confident journalist suddenly got all shy and looked afraid.
He was curious now.
With a lot of hesitation she slowly spoke “Remember me Sasur?”
He thought for a moment before smiling. “Bahu?” 

This story is again based on a person I met like a few months back. I really do call him Sasur! 
Hopefully he likes it! 


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