“Hey kitty cat…” the elder lady hugged the younger looking one earning a scowl for her comment.
“You will never stop calling me that, will you?” they started walking towards the parking lot.
“That’s because you are a kitty cat.”
The other girl decided not to say anything and hailed a cab.
“How far is it from here?”
“About 2 hour’s drive…” she knew her elder sister was not going to let the drive go peaceful. And she did not miss the evil glint that passed on the said person’s face.
“When did you come?”
“I came here last night. For all I know pagli will probably jump on the bed if she saw us now.”
“You didn’t see her last night?”
“Nope! She was fast asleep when I got there. So I just spoke to her hubby and left. Asked him not to tell her as well.”
“Ooooh… Kitty cat…” she squished the other girl.
“Grow up woman… I am not a cuddly squishy toy!”
They both started laughing at that.  
“Wow! Can’t believe she is a mother now.” the former lady said as they finally stopped laughing.
“I badly want to see if she would let her kid have any food at all.”
“Hey you said that she was cooking you all sorts of dishes when you stayed over at her place.”
“Well, you know how I get weird cravings na. So I kept asking her random stuff and she would make it for me. A food-filled weekend I would say.”
“When she spoiled you that much over a weekend, how could you think she won’t spoil her little one?”
 “Did I say I ate a lot? She did cook everything but in the end she was the one who finished it all up.”
“Well that is our trippy. I hope her kid hasn’t got that clumsy gene from her!”
The other girl started laughing again. “I will never forget the way she fell off a chair and pulled the table with her.” 
“We can just hope that the little one got some genes from the father…” she continued. “I mean he is not clumsy like her. but he is a little mature right?”
“You are talking about a guy who basically gets into a cat fight with his wife over a bar of chocolate.”
The elder one kind of shut up at that point. They both knew very well that her kid is going to be clumsier than her and is going to be the most spoilt kid in their group.
“I bet their kid is going to be the most mature person in that house. My vision is going to come true pretty soon!”
“Come. Her room is in the first floor.” She led her sister through the hospital.
As they slowly opened the door all they could see was their dear friend holding a bundle of joy while there was another bundle in her husband’s hand.
“You never told me she had twins.” They both went and hugged the mother.

All that their beloved trippy could do was grin as wide as possible and say “Did you guys bring any sweets?”
A story I am writing for a very dear friend who cares a lot for everyone but herself. We are lucky we got her because she will make you laugh with her clumsy klutzy nature and make you cry at her pure innocent heart!
Pagliiiiiiiiii…. This one is for you! 

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