Last seen

I know I never completed the A to Z challenge. But the stories I planned for it will be published soon. Though I was not a A to Z survivor, I am happy to have participated in it. 
On to the story…


She was just as shocked when they all heard and felt the crash. A lot of screams followed it later on. She just stood there, unsure of what to do now. People were running towards the fire exit like that was going to help. They were in the 79th floor of the North Tower in the World Trade Centre. It was pretty clear that getting out alive from there was more of a miracle. She was a practical person and luck was never a thing she had seen in her life. She was not about to believe in it as well.
She knew death was inevitable now. There was no use panicking. There was no use in running as well. Before she could make it to the lower floors the building would probably burn and collapse. She could almost feel the building shaking like it was shivering. She looked out the window if there was a way out. Again all she could see was the ground that was way too far and jumping out the window was meaningless. When death is coming to get you and you know there is no way out, it is better to embrace it.
But she wanted to have no regrets before she died. With the last remnants of hope left, she fished out her iPhone. She was not going to call for help. Even if she did, no one can actually help her.
She wanted to leave a message. Her dying note probably. Her last thoughts… She did not have much time. She had to do it soon.
The first one was to her sister.
‘Tell mom I love her. Take good care of her and please remember that I love you too. I will say hi to dad for you. Good bye.’
She trembled as she waited for the double tick mark sign to appear. She was afraid that the network might be jammed.
As green tick mark sign appeared she started typing the second message she wished to leave. Little did she know that this message would later become viral in the social media. Never did she realize that this message was going to make her popular throughout the world.
I am about to die. I am not sad or afraid of dying. I am just regretting the fact that I never got to say a proper good bye to you. I wish I could live for just one more day so that I can bid farewell to all those I love before leaving. I wish I could escape so that I can let you know how much I still love you. But it is inevitable now. I have had my fair share of happiness and sadness in life so far. I am leaving you this message so that I don’t die with any regret. I honestly wish we were still together. I wanted to marry you some day and live with you till the end of my life. But I guess the gods had different plans for me. Right now I can do nothing but be happy for the life I have lived so far.  I can only say that I have loved you for a long time now and that love is going to live forever even if I die now. Thank you for being part of my happiest days on earth. I can safely say that you will always be the best thing that ever happened to me. Always remember that there was this girl who loved you for who you are and will love you till the end of time. I love you!
I got no regrets now.  J
Love you.’
She hit send and eagerly looked for the green tick mark to appear. It was just as she suspected. The network had started getting busy. She tried again. She kept trying and the 7th time it appeared.
She smiled as if she had achieved something. A smile that would be permanently etched on her face…

Her last seen status on Whatsapp remained as ‘last seen 09 September 2001’ forever.
First of all I know that the timeline clashes a lot. There was no Whatsapp or much less smartphone usage back in 2001. But I wanted to use an accident that gave you some time to make decisions. The 9/11 incident was the only thing I could think of. I have always wanted to write a death note sort of story (not the Death Note series) A dying message, even the simplest of words can mean a lot. So when my flight was landing today this story just filled in my head out of nowhere. 
Travelling sure does gives me a lot of inspiration for new stories.
A small message to all my friends: Have no regrets in life. Live it the way you want. Express what ever you feel as soon as possible. We all have a lot of things we have wanted to tell people. Some of us say it then and there. Some don’t. For those who don’t please express it. For you never know if you will get another chance to say it out. You wish for something? Ask for it. You miss someone? Call them. You hurt someone? Apologize. Just don’t regret one day that you did not do all these. 

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