Butterfly Fly Away

Doodling is one of my hobbies. Not much of an artist but this one particular kind got my eye and started doing it about a year ago. I mean who won’t love to doodle on your books? I had done it quite a few times.

Here are some stuff I have done:





You can clearly see that the second and third containing notes and all. Seeing this talent of mine, my brother got me a moleskin notebook and I just love that pocket notebook.

Recently I drew this particular doodle which was inspired from the Hannah Montana movie.

I am sucker for disney movies and this one is kind of close to me. A silly little girl chasing her dreams. Although recently people have not been kind towards Miley Cyrus, she has given out some nice songs that are way too good.

You can watch the song here :Ā 

Its all about dreaming and trying hard to make it come alive.

Butterfly Fly Away….


Now I want to learn Calligraphy!! šŸ˜€










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