My reasons to “not like” 2 states movie

Well I did review the movie in a E-magazine… You can find it here.

But I hated a lot of stuff in it that I could not submit all that to them na. So I am doing what any sensible person would do. Write a blog post about it. If you haven’t watched the movie just don’t say I didn’t warn for spoilers.

  • First scene itself made me scoff. If each student is going to ask an extra rasagolla every time their hostel sambar is bad, the country would be fighting a war to make rasagollas. I am wondering if the Krish guy would have given up his sweet if he hadn’t gotten a hard on after seeing the stunning girl fighting with the hostel staff.
  • Just because you are an outspoken girl doesn’t mean you have to order a beer on your first date.
  • You think Tam-Brams don’t eat non veg? Oh you haven’t seen the real Abishtu kind people who say abishtu at the mention of chicken. While the tam-bram kids freak out, have alcohol and eat chicken better than anyone their parents will puke at the sight of a normal living hen. Here is one recent evidence for this:hindu
  • The movie showed no strong sense of why or how Krish and Ananya fall in love. Is it because he saw her long legs when she comes to college in her under wear like shorts? I am still wondering why should one wear something like that to college when she wears all long skirts inside her hostel room.
  • None of the audience actually pin for the couple to get married. because all they do is nothing but have sex in their room and day dream during class. I actually wanted them to break up over something petty.
  • They talk about commitment only on the morning of their campus placements. Wow! what a timing!  I would have spoken after the recruitment though.
  • So if a candidate from IIM says “I would like you to recruit me because I think your bank is the best.” What should I tell L’Oreal so that they make a marketing manager?
  • I thought IIM grads get paid in lakhs or something. Isn’t that why its such a big thing to get into that institute at all? And all Ananya gets is a meager 50k.
  • Since this guy gets his job and stuff he is so anxious to propose that he barges into her interview and asks her hand in marriage. Dude! you can be dramatic! but not like this! this is way too much! you could have cost her her future potential job!
  • And then he takes up a job in Chennai where he basically knows no one except for his savior the girl. How does she introduce him to her parents? Invite him for a blind date/dinner at her place. And the ones who are blind are probably her parents
  • She apparently wants him to bond with her parents. Instead of thinking up something that would make them talk a little at the least, she wants him to tutor her brother for IIT exams.. WTH.. If I were that guy, I would have shoved it and left.. I am not going to tutor some guy for free..
  • I know I should not compare. But this guy is given a cubicle that is smaller than mine and I have just an engineering degree. And according to the girl they get paid just twice the amount of what I am earning now? Is that all IIM offers??
  • The guy basically travels about 50 kms around the city and he does not even feel like getting a bike or anything. Also if he is going to go by auto rickshaw, he is going to spend his entire salary on transportation itself. Again I am wondering what he learnt in IIM. Isn’t it all about being smart and saving money?
  • He gets to stay at an awesome house with inbuilt pool and all and yet he is not even trying to enjoy that place. I would just sit there all day.
  • So he makes his future mother in law who has been rejected by various singing teachers because she can’t get the basic notes or pitch or whatsoever sing at a function where people like S.P.Balasubramanium is the chief guest. And magically she pulls it off.
  • And then he jointly proposes to all of them in a restaurant. On one side it does sound all sweet and awwwy… But I felt like gagging. In India you don’t marry an entire family. You just join another family to yours when you get married. Doesn’t mean you gotta impress em all. You just have to give them a promise that you will take care of their daughter/son.
  • Honestly I am happy to not have read the book. I would have torn it apart before I finished half of it.
  • So now he takes the girl to his family so that she could impress his mother and no one talks or asks about his father.
  • She is asked to prepare a meal and that is when he learns that she does not know how to cook. Honestly what kinda relationship were you guys in? You don’t know anything about her and she knows nothing about you. So sex is all that is needed to build a strong relationship?
  • And guess how she impresses her mother in law! She saves a marriage that was almost going to be called off due to some dowry problems.
  • How she saves the day is another comical thing. First they call all Pujabis barbarians. And guess what she does when the groom refuses to marry the bride because his parents said they haven’t given the dowry that was agreed upon. She goes right up to the groom and says stuff that was way too insulting and the barbaric punjabi guy says “yeah you are right. I am worse than shit. so I will marry this girl” I still don’t and will never get the logic that was used here.
  • And then she frigging dances “so-called” Bharatanatyam. I was like “bitch don’t mix classical and dappanguthu dance like this”
  • So finally they get married because the guy’s dad who is supposedly in no talking terms with anyone goes and talks to the girl’s parents out of the blue. It felt like the writer was desperate to finish the story and kept that twist. As if like “I am so bored of this story going on and on. Let me use this guy’s father since he has been inert all along and get it over with”
  • even I am tired of writing this post. So I will get over with this absolutely badly written story and badly acted movie. I don’t like it. And please don’t tell me its the love story of the century or something like that. I have read better love stories that were written online in sites like wattpad.

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