What is with you girls???

Recently I got a perm. For folks who don’t know what a perm is, let me explain it. It is a short form for permanent curls. Actually it is the short form for permanent styling. But then people call permanent straightening as just simply straightening so the word perm stuck to the curling alone. So basically I turned my slightly wavy hair into a tightly curled (almost Kangana Ranaut like) style.

I have always wanted and tried curly hair styles. Never been a fan of straight hair. So I went and did it when I had enough money saved up. I love the look and the it is pretty awesome.

but that is not what this post is all about. It is about a bunch of girls (about 6-7) I know who had awesome naturally curly hair. And most of them were always complaining about maintaining that hair and they were never able to style it.

So just like how I styled my hair as soon as I got some money some of them also permanently straightened their hair or bought a straightener. So basically all those curly haired girls now have straight hair. And the best part is when i showed them my new curly hair style almost all of them were like “I want curly hair just like that”

I was little baffled at that. I mean weren’t you sporting some hair like that before you went ahead and changed the style? So now why are you sighing at my hair and saying that you also want something like that?

I always used to argue with guys when they say that they can’t understand a girl. But now I am with the guys. Even I can’t understand you girls. What is with you all?

Like Rajini says in a movie “Something will always be better than what you have right now. Better be happy with what you have”

I am happy with my curly hair and am planning to keep it that way for a long time. This is the best picture I have of how my hair used to look like.



So this is how my hair looks like from behind now.

my hair



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