Purpose of life

My brother is one awesome blogger. Too bad that bugger removed his blog after he went to Canada for his higher studies. I remember sneaking in to read his blog when I was in school. Some of the posts were just so funny and good that I would talk about them to our parents. Well that got him into trouble because they didn’t appreciate the humor he had used. And recently he shared the archive to me. Reading through them I figured out that my brother and I are almost similar in every sense except the part where I am pretty sensitive and take things to the heart and he doesn’t.

In one of his posts he had mentioned something about the purpose of life.

I would like to quote it here:

“I miss a purpose to live.

You know, like, everyday, I finish my work in lab and come home (more of a house), and here I find nothing. Get it? Nothing.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I really am not alone forever, but every day when I return to the room, I find enough time to ponder about how important it is to have people for whom you can care for. I guess that’s what life’s all about. Because, no matter how hard I think (which I’ve been doing for several years now), I really cannot come up with any better purpose for which we can live for.

So, ultimately, I guess the more people we care for, the better our purpose resolves; at least that’s what I suppose.”

I have always thought that we both were the complete opposites. Turns out that we are more alike than I thought we were. I am writing all this courageously because of the fact that he does not even know about the existence of this blog or my other blog where I post my short stories.

So what can be one’s purpose in life? I think it is to make a change. A change that will go on even after you are no more in this world. Most people think leaving behind an offspring is the biggest change they can bring about. It is a change to the population of this world. But how you bring up your offspring is something you can change. Making them study engineering in some XYZ college and then force them to get a job through campus placements. They join a company that gives them a salary of that is enough for them to spend in the first three weeks of the month. Get your son/daughter married by the time they realize their life isn’t going anywhere and make it even worse.

Is that all you can do? You can make a lot of changes. Bring about a change to your friend’s life. Even if it is the smallest of things you could do, it will matter one day.

I still remember a junior guy who trusted me for no reason and opened up to me just after a few days I got to know him. I explained a lot of things to him that night and now he feels a little cleared up. I feel that I have created a small change and one day it will reflect in a big way. But I am happy when he suddenly texts me saying that he misses having me in college. He misses getting scoldings from me.

This is my purpose of life. To bring a change, no matter how small it is. To bring a smile. To make the world a little better in what ever way I could.


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