Why froggie why?

So the other day I was coming back home from work. I usually take the round about way to get to the main gate. I like walking through the side walks with the flower bushes to your sides and the trees shadowing all the light leaving you in an almost dark pathway.



Now you can say that it is well lit. But this is the only place where I had some good enough light to click a decent picture.

So I am walking through this lane and I see a rock like thingy in my way. But as I go closer to it starts jumping. Freaking hell! it was a frog. I am not the kind to start screaming at a frog that just sits there minding its own business. As long as it does not jump on me or something I am fine with it. Since the monsoon has begun here, it is natural for those frogs to come out and enjoy the moisture or what so ever they do.

But it is not really nice if you are walking pretty fast in a very dimly lit road and a very small (maximum 3 cm in length) frog jumps across and you might have stepped on it. *shivers* And I continue walking carefully now with my eyes fixed on the floor so that I don’t step on those creatures. And I spot a dead frog crushed like Oberyn Martell’s head from GoT. God!

Honestly these frogs have such pigmentation so that they can mingle with the surroundings and escape predators. But then it is because of their appearance that we don’t see them and accidentally step on them killing those poor things. Also I usually don’t look down while walking. If the person is going to walk with their head held up, we are going to have a lot more froggie causalities day by day. Also if that person is going to be a crazy woman like me who looks at the moon while walking (with the dangers of walking into a nearby tree also) well there is no helping the frogs. I mean none of it is intentional.No one is going to play “how many frogs did you crush to death?” unless they are class A psychopaths.

So these days I walk on the small divider that divides the side walk from the drive way. People see me trying to balance and walk on that divider. They all assume that I am just trying to do something stupid like any other Indian Cinema Heroine. I am trying to avoid any more froggie accidents or even spotting a dead one. They are camouflaged so well that they almost look like a fallen leaf. But imagine one’s shock when you see a fallen leaf suddenly jumping….

If their appearance is all based on the survival of fittest thingy, they are not exactly surviving well.




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