Moony Darling…

I have already mentioned in my previous posts that I love looking up at the moon. I think that the moon is a ‘she’

It makes me feel good actually. I have no idea why. But every night when I leave the office and start walking towards the main gate, I search for the moon. And just then I see her shining with all her might in the dark sky. One thing is, it looks majestic as fuck. Another thing is, it calms me down. Makes me smile. I have never quite figured out the reason though.

Okay just imagine this scene. Then you might understand the way I feel.

After a long day at work you leave the building. Blasting some of your favorite melodies through the headphones. You walk through a dim lit pavement surrounded by trees and bushes while singing along with the songs. You look up and viola! You see a bright object in the sky through those trees. So bright that you stand there for a minute immersed in her beauty. Automatically you smile. You wish you could share this beautiful moment with someone you like. But then you are alone. You don’t feel sad though. You are just happy that you got to see something as awesome as this.

I get to see something like this almost every single night. I did manage to click a couple pictures. But they are not that good. I didn’t know how to adjust the ISO in my Sony NexF3. 😀 But then this image might give you a little bit idea of what I see every night. Since this image is a little blurry try and imagine the same thing in HD 😛


I took this one on 12th June. But the moon looked even better on the 13th. I seriously don’t understand why friday the 13th and a full moon combination is supposed to be scary. It is a bloody awesome thing if you ask me.


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