Toothless: A doggie in the shape of a dragon

So I saw How To Train Your Dragon:2 yesterday. Keeping in mind that I was already a big time fan of the first part, I was pretty excited to catch the sequel. I should say there were no disappointments. I came out as a Hiccup-Toothless follower. The magic they created all those years ago just got better.

The little boy not sure of what to do with his small body surrounded by huge vikings was replaced by a 20 year old hottie with a hot girl friend and a Night fury (probably the last of it’s kind) as his pet/best friend forever.

He goes around exploring the lands and making a map. Being the adventurous guy he is, he is having fun until responsibilities come upon his shoulder.

I don’t want to discuss the plot. What I want to discuss here is about the apparently furious Night Fury aka the puppy dog stuck in a dragon’s body and can spit out blue flames : Toothless

That dragon just steals the show. Its not about Hiccup, his father or his long lost mother. But it is about this black colored dragon that keeps playing with anyone and everyone making us all laugh. From the very beginning till the end. His small actions make everyone in audience either go “awww” or laugh a lot.

Not just this one. But all the dragons that appear in the movie (a few new ones are also seen) just make us wonder where we can get a pet dragon. A harmless soul that is so damn loyal and would do anything to protect it’s own, not just it’s rider. Sounds a lot like a dog right? And every time they focus on Toothless’ eyes, dayum! It is a puppy dog only.

On the whole they give out a theme that any animal could be trained once you earn it’s loyalty. Even dragons, especially dragons. I am thinking the inspiration for toothless should be someone’s dog or a cat may be. Because a lot of it’s actions remind me of how a dog plays. That too when this one plays with other dragons, it gets even better. I just kept saying “adorable”

The dialogues were crisp and memorable. Like “You got the heart of a viking and soul of a dragon Hiccup” this one just stuck to me. Might as well try and doodle something out of it. Everyone is a dragon rider and everyone plays with those “so-called” beasts.

A lovable movie. If you don’t fall in love or at least have a smile while coming out of the theater you are just a heartless and soulless person!

You can be cool. You can never be Hiccup standing on a night fury holding a fire saber cool. 


Pic courtesy: Google images. Got it from a bunch of sites actually. I own nothing…


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