Random songs are soothing

I have never been to a club in my life. Well that is always a standard case when you are born in South India. Why? Well first of all, I have no idea where I can find a good club. And then I got no transportation. Especially if I have to come back home in the middle of the night. And then the best part is my parents would have probably disowned me if I came back home at 2 am from a club completely sober. Not because I was sober but because I stepped into a club.

Well now they are okay with it. One, because I am away from home and working in an IT company where it is always stressful. And two, they know very well that I hate alcohol but I like to try out new places like just for the sake of the food. (Yup I love food)

Since I am getting transferred, my colleagues suggested that we can go clubbing. And yes, they know that I have never been to one. So I was pretty excited about it. We went to a place called “Red Bar” in Pune (I live in Pune for now)

It was a nice little place. Not a big club with a huge dance floor in the middle and the smell of alcohol reeking through the entire place. Just a small, cozy place with a cute little dance floor in one corner. We started ordering food while a few others started ordering drinks (I am okay if they want to drink as long as they don’t get wasted or compel me to drink)

As we all sat at the corner table talking about work and football the songs were booming throughout the place. It was nice. I am not the person to enjoy booming songs with beats that much. But then it gave me little calming effect. I have no idea why.

That was when I remembered something that a friend of mine told me. “Random songs are soothing…”

Why he said that was a similar story actually. I even wrote a story based on that 😉 You can read that here.

I just sat there letting the music get to me and soon my colleague made us all get on the dance floor. It was fun dancing. After a very long time I was dancing (I don’t have cool moves like the girls from step up movies but at the same time I don’t look like a goose flapping its wings for no good reason)

It was fun while it lasted. But that statement, I understood that night only. I cannot absolutely say why it felt soothing. But it just did. Its almost like the same feel you get when you sip on hot chocolate sitting by the window on a rainy while you read a good book. Can you explain what that good, calm feel is? If yes do tell me please….


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