You can wonder what “dexting” is. That is what the whole post is about.

Yes! It is about a form of texting. How sweet of you to guess that much. Well the other day I was going to work and saw this genius of a guy who had stopped his car right out side the main gates in the middle of the drive way and was texting. Yes! he was bloody texting while his car was parked on the driveway as a hurdle for other cars to pass through. I was scolding him in tamil (if i knew hindi i would have scolded him in that language as well) The context of what I said was something like this “You fucktard could have parked elsewhere and frigging texted your guardian angel to go off duty so that you get killed in a freaking accident”

For a person who does not drive much my road rage is worse than that of the worst tempered drivers. Because most road accidents affect the innocent pedestrians and not the cool dudes sitting inside an AC car.

When this was still in my mind I see another guy balancing his big bag (I assume he is delivering goods or something because his bag was really really huge) on hand which is also controlling the bike’s handlebar while he is texting someone using the other hand. His eyes were not on the road and his bike was almost going in some zigzag path. Bloody hell! That is how road accidents happen.

Whom are you messaging while driving a two wheeler? Your girl friend? Your wife? Your boss? or God? If it is that important kindly stop by the side of the road for a moment, call that person and then drive away. How long is it going to take?

Are you letting them know that you are on your way? You should have sent that message before you ignited the engine you retard. People dying in accidents are lucky if you ask me. They die so easily on the spot. Do you understand the trauma you put the people around you? To see a guy’s head being crushed by a tanker lorry’s wheels. To see all the blood splattered on the road. To see life leave a body. You have no idea.

And yes I did see a guy dying once. He just fell off the bus and died on spot. Thank god there was no blood. He hit his head and died on spot. But I saw the life leave his body. That look I saw in his eyes still haunt me.

At first they brought a law that you should not take calls while driving. And then there came the option of hands-free. I have no idea if anyone uses it. Then there is the option of bluetooth connection and you can just fix your phone in front of you jab away all you want. I hope they bring a technology for hands-free text messaging or something like that. So that you will stop doing it and keep your concentration on the road and not on your 50k worth smartphone which is way too valuable than your dumb self.

Honestly stop this texting while driving. Or maybe it is driving while texting. Just like how sexting is texting about sex, under the assumption that you are giving a live commentary about your driving skills through your messages, I came up with the word “Dexting” I know it sounds way to retarded. But not as retarded as you texting while driving or putting up a facebook status while driving. It is not cool. And when you die, it will never be cool. Yet people will still be doing it! That is how pathetic people are getting these days.



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