Choices… Choices everywhere…

It all starts from “Color color what color do you choose?”

The small rhyme we sing before choosing a color from the 4 cups our friends show us. That is where we probably start the art of choosing in our lives. Well for kids nowadays it starts from which model mobile they need. Yes! some kids know the difference between iOS and Android by the age of 7.

I am not sure where it takes a turn from there. But we get to stand at cross roads or junction roads in the journey of life. The choices we take at those points are the ones that change our life. Even the smallest possible change can give you the biggest life lesson that turns you into a Gowthama Buddha.

Even the option between a blue color top and a black one might give you a different day from the usual boring ones. (A cute guy once smiled at me because I wore a nice bright colored top instead of some dull colored one I had actually chosen to wear on that day) These kind of small gestures boost our self confidence to a certain extent. Whether you accept it or not, it is true!

People say that the biggest decision is when you choose your college. But I say that is not true. Most of the times you just don’t have a choice about your college. It depends on the marks you have obtained, the amount of money you could spend, your cut off marks, your birth date and then finally your interest. Some people I knew who had a keen interest in biology and medicine have taken up computer science because that was what they got. You just learn to accept it.

And by the time you finish college, you think you are mature enough to make your own decisions but then when you are given a choice between a job and higher studies you instantly go into a panic attack mode. By the time you decide you would have had at the least three or four heart attacks and sleepless nights resulting in more sleepless nights accompanied by head aches.

And when you do choose and go along with it, you come across specimens who show you exactly what you are missing and specimens who show you that you have made the right decision.

After that comes the mid-life crisis as they all call it (I honestly have no idea what it is about but it involves one problem of marriage and something else) Yes! The “big” question then comes into the picture and you are given a choice of different brides/grooms but not the choice of marriage or more time. Be it a guy or a girl. You just have to get married by that age, whether you are ready or not.

No matter what, you end up married either to the guy/girl you loved or a complete stranger you met a couple of months ago. The first few months go in a blissful way. But then you start questioning your choice once things get a going in your marital life. And again you wonder if you chose wisely.

What I am trying to say it, life is full of cross roads. There is nothing called as the right decision or the wrong decision. There are just options. You take one and you should never look back. Have a bit of confidence that what you are doing is going to either make you happy or give you a lesson so that you can try again to make yourself happy again. The road to your right might go via hills and scenic stuff while the road to your left might go through a bustling city. Both of them gives you an experience you would never forget in your life. You just do what your heart wants. If you want to go through a city life, you take the road to your left. Doesn’t mean that you don’t like hill roads or nature or you would regret not taking that road. There will always be another hill road just like this one. But at this moment your heart wants to experience city life. So go ahead and do it. Don’t be afraid of what is to come.

Have fun with what is right in front of you. Keep walking and one day when you look back, you will smile.

Happy choosing!



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