This VIP is just another person

An entertainer movie that is somehow pushed into the rom-com category and I now don’t understand what to expect in a rom-com anymore.

A movie that was targeted at the current youngsters who want to do something meaningful with their lives but end up in a software company because that is the best option and that is the only way to avoid unwanted comments from family members.

It is a movie about an Engineer who wantedly waits for a job of his standards and ends up waiting for 4 long years (I would have developed a small shop by that time) and still no job. The usual dialogues every father says in most tamil cinema and the usual mother attachment and then there is a younger brother who unknowingly intimidates his brother by having a job and earning well. Now where haven’t I seen this kind of a story? Oh yeah! In all recent Dhanush movies. Why can’t you directors change the cliche by making the mother hate her son because he is jobless and the father who supports him because he has been through something like that and he knows how it feels. (Yosingada)


So the first half goes on with the whole “unemployment” struggles a guy goes through. Goiyale. It is not funny and furthermore please don’t tell me that you were able to relate to it. Then you do not have a good family, a good set of friends or a good life. Please change your mindset.  If that is how you felt that you were treated when you were still waiting for your call letter, please go to hell. I have seen how parents were worried and were scared to take up that topic at all. So don’t come and say that they have reflected the situation well. They have given it in the commercial view and I find it no different from the first half of Polladhavan, Padikadhavan and what not movie.

That said, the protagonist Raghuvaran has given his best. His narration and  his ways of trying to get the attention of the girl next door who may not be like a cinema heroine but at least to the level of  “Mega serial heroine” who also happens to be a doctor. And then his ego issues with his brother goes up when everyone prefers the employed but “ain’t nobody got time to grow balls” of a younger brother making Raghu get into more trouble. And that is when the only supporter he had dies (his mother, played by Saranya) and he feels lost.

He finally gets a job, not because he has talent but because his mother’s organs were donated to a rich girl and her father offered him a job. On the whole this engineering shit ain’t gonna get us a job even if we wait for a long time, unless someone makes an organ donation. (the other option is to sell your kidney and do higher studies which is as useless as the BE degree we already have)

After this they show how construction companies work (or not allow others to work) in a fast paced manner. I am not sure how but this guy manages to finish a big project within a year or so. Now that is a medical miracle! Something like that just does not happen. Especially in TamilNadu. 😛


Well they need to show the heroics of this guy somewhere right. So bring in a villian who justifies his name ‘Amul Baby’ and makes us all wonder if he is the villian at all. Because his presence felt more like a guest role sort of thing except he is not a famous guy to give “Natpukaga” role. While our Raghu delivers the same awesome (the only awesome) dialogues only with this villain, he also finally beats the shit out of some rookies and I am still wondering why they kept that fight scene.

They have tried to show how social media can actually be used and how student power can be used. That is one appreciable thing. But since it is a short lived thing in the entire movie honestly you could have given a little more importance to that part because that is where our hero gets his strength from! (Not his six pack body!)

Oh not to forget the songs. The ever so awesome songs done by the sixty five boned Anirudh (he is so thin that I would look fat if I stand next to him) After a while I am looking at visuals that have been done well for the songs and done justice for the super hit jingles this guy had produced. But if you keep listening to them you can get a hint of his older tunes for sure and after a few years this guy will become the Harris Jeyaraj. I am praying for that to not happen.

A not so fast paced movie that makes you laugh, cry, think (only for a teeny tiny moment) and then leave the theater not ever thinking anymore over it.



Image courtesy: glintcinema, tamil queens, silverscreens

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