Kick the damn bucket

This is actually an angry post. If you get offended, I honestly don’t care. I got angry because I got offended as well. So please note that we both are supposed to be on the same side.


Sclerosis is a medical term for “Hardening of tissue” In simpler terms it is the weakening of a muscle. That is, if a tissue hardens, it is no more flexible and we can no more control it. So it is us who gets weakened by the hardening of a tissue. Based on which tissue that is getting affected, a lot of sclerosis diseases could be named. Most of them are either genetic or auto immune disease.

Stupidity on the other hand is something that spreads pretty easily and it is caused by the hardening of something called common sense. Too bad there are way too many victims of stupidity that I wish I could start some challenge so that we could raise money to cure them.

Yes I am talking about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

als ice bucket

First of all I want all these dumb people who take up the challenge to get the least bit of knowledge about what ALS is. If you know the full form of ALS and know how it propagates in the human body, Please go ahead a dunk a big bucket of ice cold water on ME.

Second thing is that I would like to know how many of you actually know what this challenge is all about other than pouring water on yourself (I personally call in bathing) This is an attempt to raise awareness about the condition called “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” aka ALS. It is a neurodegenerative disease which just slowly stops the control your brain has got over the muscles (mostly voluntary muscles)

Third is, this is a challenge where you either pour a bucket of ice cold water within 24 hours once you are nominated or you donate some amount of money to an ALS charity nearby. (in some videos I saw the person challenging others to donate a specific amount of money)

In short it is an attempt to create awareness about the disease and get more donations so that they could spend more on research and get a better cure for this disease. It is for a good cause. But almost 75% of the videos I saw were done for fun. It neither spread awareness nor increased the donations. It just got a bunch of people dripping wet and wasted a bucket of water which could have been used for something else.


I am not against people affected by ALS or anything. I would like to mention here that I work for another cause called Autism through the organization called DOAST
I completely understand if you cannot donate and the least you can do is nominate people who can (I would nominate rich people who have more than 2 iPhone 5S’s)
But pouring water over your head is not making a difference. It is just making you look wet and stupid like a wet donkey who just fell in a puddle of water.

To the TREAT ALS organization, What if I told you that there is a cure for this and all you need to do is let people come out with their results instead of creating a stupid trend?
When there is a cure for autism, cancer and HIV (a terminally ill patient my father treated in 1998 called a couple days back and said he is doing just fine and wanted to meet!) why is it so difficult to find a cure for a neurodegenerative disease?

Stop it! It is not fun. Pouring water over your head does not make you a better person!


Image courtesy: the epoch times


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