That’s the secret. They don’t know anything!

The other day I came across this video of a fully grown tiger getting scared at a vacuum cleaner when it is switched on. I will be putting up the video link below. When I mentioned this to my father he said "every being is afraid of death. the tiger in this case thinks that … Continue reading That’s the secret. They don’t know anything!

Amara Kaaviyam – An epic gone wrong

After a colleague said that the movie is lovely I spent a good two and half hours watching it and I am still wondering what is lovely in it. About 40 minutes into the movie, one can guess the entire plot. It is that predictable. What makes a movie an epic is it is as … Continue reading Amara Kaaviyam – An epic gone wrong

Temple? I prefer to call it my petting zoo

Ever been to a place for a reason that is not what the place is meant for? Okay that was a bit confusing even for me. So I will get to the point straight. I am a pretty religious person. I go to the temple early in the morning almost everyday before I started college. … Continue reading Temple? I prefer to call it my petting zoo

A movie with no Story

A small write up about the movie "Kadhai, Thirakadhai, Vasanam, Iyakam. A nice way of warning the audience that there will be no story whatsoever is by making the characters claim the same in the trailer. On one side the dialogues are witty and thoughtful (typical R.Parthiban style) which makes you laugh and sometimes go … Continue reading A movie with no Story

Whom Should I Thank?

It is the 5th of September when we see most of our school teachers with a nice smile on their faces. Every student will be wishing them no matter what. And with every "Happy Teachers' Day" their smile just broadens if that is even possible. Well the obligation to wish our teachers as soon as … Continue reading Whom Should I Thank?