Whom Should I Thank?

It is the 5th of September when we see most of our school teachers with a nice smile on their faces. Every student will be wishing them no matter what. And with every “Happy Teachers’ Day” their smile just broadens if that is even possible.

Well the obligation to wish our teachers as soon as you finish college (UG) After that either you go for a job or you go for your higher studies. Either way, you become your own teacher after that. You don’t entitle a person or a group of people as your teacher anymore. Mostly the group you name as teachers just gets bigger. Either that or your mind gets narrower by the day and you end up being an a****** or a jerk.

Today is the day we are supposed to thank those people who had taught us something in life.

Be it science, maths, basket ball, singing, dancing, biochemisty, differential calculus, tamil (ner+ner=thema) and what not.

But then I just had this random question pop up in my mind this morning while I was standing the shower. (Yes! I get most of these blog ideas while I am in the shower)

Whom are we supposed to thank exactly? The people who taught us stuff that we will never use in our life again (best example I can give is algebra and calculus) or the people who taught us how to face life?

If it is the former, I don’t see the point in it. Don’t we like give them a thank you card before leaving the institution? Isn’t that enough for the useless stuff they made me cram and damage my brain cells and sleep? Honestly I am working right now, the only stuff I use from all those math classes is the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I don’t use integration and differentiation anywhere in my life. I don’t think I will ever use it as well (maybe those nerds doing a MS in maths or physics might use it.) But lets be practical here. Apart from the academic part, how much have these teachers helped you in life?

I can hardly point out 3-5 teachers in my life who have inspired me and helped in life. Some have imparted some confidence in me, some have shown interest in my interests (even if it is not their problem), some have showed that they just care about me because they imagine me in a future that is so big that even I don’t dream in such a way. These are the people who have inspired me, made me love the whole concept about teaching and these are the people from my school/college I would like to thank.

Well there is another group we can include in the latter part. People who taught us how to face life. Or should I say face the obstacles in life?

If that is whom I gotta thank, I would like to thank the guy who tried to bully me and got trolled back in school. He taught me that a person like me can stand up to bullies. I would like to thank the people who called me names in college. If not for them I would have never been able to handle negative comments. If not for them I would not have known how it feels to stand up against a big bunch of people. If not for them I would not have gained the courage I have today. I would like to thank the TL who harassed me at work. If not for him, I wouldn’t have known what peer pressure is and how to handle it.

I would like to thank all my experiences for teaching me how to face life with determination, confidence, courage and a smile!


Happy Teachers’ Day!!!!


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