A movie with no Story

A small write up about the movie “Kadhai, Thirakadhai, Vasanam, Iyakam.

A nice way of warning the audience that there will be no story whatsoever is by making the characters claim the same in the trailer.


On one side the dialogues are witty and thoughtful (typical R.Parthiban style) which makes you laugh and sometimes go “shabba” On the other side the lack of flow between different stories is a bit confusing. One minute they are discussing a story and out of the blue a character comes and suddenly that character dies for no good reason. (Reminds you of GoT right?)  You can see a fair enough screenplay and script that has been worked upon. But a movie with no story and no idea what is going to come next is a good attempt.

While there are many movies that claim to have a story and end up not having one, this is refreshing.

You see a lot of actors coming and going. Well it is a good reason that 4 people are discussing different plots and stories for their upcoming script. The character build up is also not that clear. What is clear is that the director starts mocking the audience in some indirect ways like “audience eh twist vechu kadha solla aarambichutanga” “padam nalla irundha facebook la like ah poduvanga illana adhuleye kizhi kizhinu kizhipanga”
(At least that is how I saw those dialogues) Any tom, dick and harry(that includes me as well) writes a review on facebook or twitter or records their view on youtube or sound cloud these days.
It has been a while since we got a movie where a character breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. It is a little refreshing to see Parthiban give us spoilers from time to time and I guess he expects us to get very much curious with it. The curiosity does come in. But it doesn’t linger for a long time just like the heroine’s stupid mood swings which is decently named as eccentricity. I prefer to call it PMS though.
Too many loose ends in the plot that are not tied up in the end and the director names that as a trend giving due credits to our own curious minds, but honestly no one gives a damn. Even though they end the movie with the credits saying it is our intuition to see whether the hero gets the project or not the final song gives away the answer. Again no one gives a damn about it.

Not a waste of time, at the same time I expected a lot more from the guy who invented “kaiya kaala nenachu kumbudren” and “kundaka mandaka na enna” dialogues..
But if you had wasted money on Anjaan, then this movie would probably heal you.


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