Dat Smile

Do you have this person in your group who is always chatting with someone on their phone? Always smiling at their phone and sometimes that smile will have zoned them out as well.

Someone comes to your mind as you read this right?

Or maybe your own smiling face is what is on your mind right now?

What do you think is making them smile? A text message? A picture maybe? A video? A recorded message? Who knows…

dat smile1

Unless you peep a little to look at what is interesting them it will remain a mystery to you especially if they are a stranger you just happen to see in a bus or some public place. If it were your friend you can just ask them and they give you some kind of an answer. Be it the truth or a lie.

I tend to smile at my phone quite a lot. People around me assume that I just got something like an “I Love You” message. But they all should understand that I just laugh out loud when something funny comes up in the group conversation.

When I send lol, I at the least have a smile on my face.

Most of my friends know I am making a face closest to the emoticon I am sending right now. 🙂




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