That’s the secret. They don’t know anything!

The other day I came across this video of a fully grown tiger getting scared at a vacuum cleaner when it is switched on.
I will be putting up the video link below. When I mentioned this to my father he said “every being is afraid of death. the tiger in this case thinks that the device might kill it.”
Well I don’t think the animal got scared because of the fear of death. The thought similar to “this strange thing might kill me” would have occurred to the poor thing. But what scares it is not the fear of dying, at least according to me. It is the fear of unknown.

The tiger simply does not know what that strange thing does. It produces a weird noise and the animal gets scared at that. It does not know anything. For that matter none of the animals know much and lack a sense of judgement. That is why any animal is either scared at the first sight of a human or tries to attack us. The smaller ones run away from us (remember why rats run away from us? They are scared as to what we will do to it) Or more like the ones that do not understand the power of biting us. The ones that do (best example is snake) scare us. Simple logic right? Before your opponent strikes, you strike and run for your life. While some of us call that instinct the animal instinct (yeah if one of us did the same they are labelled as animals as if animals are lower beings than us) I call it survival instinct. Too bad, humans are so judgmental that they think they are superior to animals.

Although the video made me go ‘Awwww’ we can’t exactly play with our pet tiger that way. Poor thing gets scared easily. I pity that being.


While you watch this, you might smile or laugh. Now I am posting this draft after a long time. After I have seen a specific news where a tiger in zoo had killed a young man.

Since I work at night and I don’t sleep all day, I watch tv in order to waste most of my time. While surfing through channels all the news channels were putting up one headline which went something like this.

Youth mauled by beast/tiger

Honestly I felt bad for the tiger. Not for the guy who was stupid enough to irritate a caged animal and also go very near to fall down the pit. I felt horrible for that poor animal. Of course the animal will attack you if you go into its cage. The animal is already scared and pretty irritated from what all those visitors yell at it. And then one guy accidentally goes in (I did not have the heart to listen to the news properly to find out how exactly he was killed or anything) The tiger would have felt a sense of pride. Finally it would have wanted to show who is better than that human.

What irked me even more was that these news channels were telecasting that live footage repeatedly. That was a cctv camera attached inside the cage in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately that camera covered the cage and the people outside it who were busy clicking pictures in their phones or recording videos. The reporter was blaming that no official arrived at the spot in time to save that guy. How in the world will someone come if they are not informed? Instead bystanders decide that it is an amusing thing and start recording it.

A pet tiger playing and getting scared at a vacuum cleaner is amusing. A tiger in captivity killing a guy is NOT AMUSING. When fellow humans didn’t want to help that guy or save him, why would an angry tiger want to do it anyway?

Think and behave like humans. Then you can go on and blame an animal for killing another animal. Last time I checked, that is what a carnivorous animal does. It kills another animal either for food or to show superiority! Understand that!









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