Awaas Anjing!

After a really long time my parents asked me to take them to a movie. This old couple lost kind of lost interest in movies after I took them to some really shitty movies to watch on big screen. (Like Saguni, Saivam) So when they asked me to book tickets for this particular film, I … Continue reading Awaas Anjing!

Spidy Tales

Usually girls start screaming like they just saw a serial killer with a butcher's knife when they spot a spider somewhere. The scream intensifies exponentially if the said insect is spotted in the bathroom. This is the usual case. But me.... Well I am a little different. I assume that these insects understand our language … Continue reading Spidy Tales

The Big, Cuddly Hero!

Finally I managed to get through my writers block and put up this review. The review for Big Hero 6 The last animation movie I watched in Big screen happened to be How to train your Dragon - 2. When I saw the posters for this movie, I wasn't really into watching it in theater … Continue reading The Big, Cuddly Hero!

Kaththi- Cuts through like a knife

Finally happened to watch a decent tamil movie in Big Screen. After a while I am getting to see some awesome acting from Vijay and finally he decides to choose a good script. A script that brought out a bit of controversy which was in no way related to the movie, but a good script … Continue reading Kaththi- Cuts through like a knife