Kaththi- Cuts through like a knife

Finally happened to watch a decent tamil movie in Big Screen.

After a while I am getting to see some awesome acting from Vijay and finally he decides to choose a good script. A script that brought out a bit of controversy which was in no way related to the movie, but a good script nevertheless.


So where should I start?

Well maybe we can go in order. First came out this awesome motion poster (till then I honestly did not know that such a thing existed) which was claimed to be copied from some Hollywood movie. Honestly people! Stop it. Someone is trying to put out a decent movie which is something I haven’t seen in a while. So STFU.

And then there came the teaser. Well the teaser left everyone speaking about it for weeks especially the final pipe scene.

Honestly that scene was simply awesome in the movie as well. After that the trailer was making people second guessing their comments on the trailer. It surely did many peoples’ hopes down since the storyline (assumed) almost sounded similar to older movies like Dhool and all.

So in order to increase the hype, they released a couple of promo videos of the songs which looked in no way related to the trailer. Which kinda made me go back and listen to those songs all over again. Putting up the making of a song in the Chennai Airport is another move that made everyone get all hyped up. Seriously how did they manage to shoot inside the domestic and international terminal man?

I gotta say this Anirudh guy has pulled off yet another awesome album. And the BGM. Oh lord! It was just too darn good and just thrilled up the screenplay even more.

So what is this hyped up movie all about you ask? The same old story of a village being ruined by a corporate and a hero trying to save his village. Except that the hero is just interchanged in the beginning and in comes the guy who knows how to get things done because he is just another criminal who happens to look just like the hero. Things get rough and finally the village is saved from the cola factory.

The stuff they mention in that movie makes us look at the soft drink we have in our hands while watching it. But then we still shrug it off and drink it anyway.

An amazing screenplay though. I gotta tell this. Muragadoss knows how to get a good story turned into a movie. (Whether its his or not, I don’t care)

And now you have brought another bollywood guy into kollywood. Won’t be long until Nithish(that’s his name right) will be starring alongside another hero in another tamil film I suppose. (Guessing from the fate of Vidyut Jamwal)

What really bummed me was the presence of that heroine. Honestly was she even necessary? And the songs…. The airport song was good. But the other two duets, the visuals would have made a good video song separately. But they just weren’t right for the movie. Nope!

What I liked the most was the fight sequences. Vijay fighting off two blonde who had infiltrated in the name of getting an interview from him was awesome. And then the coin flip concept fight was mind blowing. Especially the last part where his friend hands him the coin bag and runs to the main switch was unexpected.

Samantha honey, I understand that you are cute and everything. But no matter how revealingly you dress or try to look as mature as possible, you still look like a school girl next to the hero and it almost looks like the kid infatuating on the guy in this short film.

On the whole, a usual commercial film done by vijay with just a little bit of communism mixed to it. But people don’t give a shit about the message you pass through anyway. They still keep using strawberry flavored lip balms(Ummm, People who saw the movie would know what exactly was mentioned) and egg extract shampoos. One thing that was evident is that the director trolled media and Vijay tv real good. I liked how he had named Neeya Naana 😛

Oh! A final note: For all those who complain about my page long reviews and still sit and read it, why do you whine if you don’t like it? I write reviews because I want to share my opinion to someone and in this case the world. And the best part is the same people who complain are the ones who asked me why I haven’t put up a review when I told them that I saw this movie. Make up your minds people. Because you are giving me a headache when you do this.


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