The Big, Cuddly Hero!

Finally I managed to get through my writers block and put up this review.

The review for Big Hero 6


The last animation movie I watched in Big screen happened to be How to train your Dragon – 2.

When I saw the posters for this movie, I wasn’t really into watching it in theater especially with my headache-after-watching-3D-movie syndrome. Unless the 2D version is available and I badly want to watch that movie ASAP, I don’t prefer watching animation movies on big screen anymore.

But what made me purchase the ticket for it was this below image.



After a friend shared this particular image with me, I just could not resist it. If there is a cuddly animated creature that could compete with Toothless, I am going to see it for sure (and probably want it as well 😀 )


So this movie starts with a robot fight where the genius kid Hiro wins with a simple but awesome robot fight. His brother Tadashi is also a Robotics major student. They live happily in San Fransyoko (did I spell it right?)


A tragedy befalls and young Hiro loses his brother. But then his brother had created this healthcare robot named Baymax (that white baloon like thing, yes!) before his demise.

As Hiro mourns his brother’s death he finds that Baymax is still active and gives him a hug which apparently is one of the cures for depression. The huggable cute robot talks and walks in such cute ways that makes you go awww all the time. This leads to that and Hiro tries to avenge his brother’s death which he finds out is not an accident but a staged fire to acquire his microbots technology. So Hiro gathers a group of 6 people whose names no one ever knows (except for Freddie) along with Baymax and finds out the villain.


What I found nagging is that there were way too many similarities between How to train your dragon and this movie. Not the main plot, but the activities, the mannerisms of the given characters and the main character is so darn similar.

If this is Disney’s way of giving out a cuddly super hero, well you have done a good job.

While the Dragon movie is pre-historic viking timeline plot, this one is almost a futuristic plot filled with little geniuses doing all sorts of Tony Stark work in his garage.

Baymax character is well written and the dialogues crack you up most of the time. Given that he is a robot and he voices out his opinions which are naive and cute, they are adorable.

A lot of sweet and comical scenes are there. Like for example; the first hug from the big robot, when he tries to seal himself up with cellophane tape from the police station, when he pets the cat and calls it a “hairy baby”, when he asks everyone to talk about their feelings and so on.


If someone could build me a Baymax, I would be eternally grateful and bake you a lot of cakes!


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