Spidy Tales

Usually girls start screaming like they just saw a serial killer with a butcher’s knife when they spot a spider somewhere. The scream intensifies exponentially if the said insect is spotted in the bathroom.

This is the usual case. But me…. Well I am a little different. I assume that these insects understand our language and talk about boundaries to them. Ask them not to jump on me or anywhere closely near to me and surprise me. The spiders and Lizards listen to some extent. They don’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them.

That is not the case with cockroaches. Those little bastards irritate and finally scare the shit out of you by flying around. Stupid creatures.

This is one such experience with a nice little spider I encountered.


Just another evening and I was having a pretty nice shower. It was so relaxing that I started dancing to imaginary songs under the shower. (Don’t look so shocked as if you have never done that!) I was dancing nicely and turned around to see a spider on the wall opposite to me. It wasn’t idle. But it was doing something I assume to be dancing because it was swaying three of it’s legs.

Now! I know that spiders use two legs to weave a net. I have seen all those youtube videos on how a spider weaves a net. And why is a spider going to stand on the middle of the wall and weave something. It was not moving from that spot for a good ten minutes. (Yes! I spent all that time observing a spider while standing under the shower)

I got really happy. A spider started dancing to my song (I have a terrible singing voice.)

It was so darn cute. Even I won’t be enjoying the song as much if I had to listen to my own voice.


The cute spider stopped after a while. I am again taking a guess that only then she (Yes! I am referring to the spider as a ‘she’) realized that the singing had stopped.

I badly wanted to imagine that spider turning around to see a giant human (I am giant compared to that small insect) starring at her dance moves. You all know how you feel when you are alone and start dancing like crazy but stop in an awkward way when you realize that someone is watching.


There was this awkward moment between the spidey and me. I don’t know what she thought. She just crawled away after that. Poor girl must have enjoyed my song very much!


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